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CC News [Issue 07: 27-4-09] - Interview with AndyDufresne

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CC News [Issue 07: 27-4-09] - Interview with AndyDufresne

Postby samuelc812 on Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:57 am

Issue #07:



Hello all and welcome to the seventh issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter!

Another fun-filled 2 weeks here on CC with some great moments and some sad moments. Firstly i would like to say farewell to oaktown who took off his blue moderating cap last week, it certainly won't be the same seeing you with no colour in your name. At least oaktown will be hanging around the Map Foundry and Conquer Club, contributing the way he does best.

Fruitcake is also taking a few weeks off the News Team to focus on some real life stuff, but he will be returning in a few issues time. In the meantime we have a new section to fill the fruitcake void, called "Guest Editorial". We will be running this for the next few issues in Fruitcake's absence, and will be asking a member of the community to volunteer to write about what CC means to them. This week we asked Minister Masket to write an article on what CC means to him, what he likes/dislikes and a few other bits and pieces. If you would like to volunteer to write a Guest Editorial to appear in one of the next few issues, Please PM your interest to samuelc812.

We also sat down with AndyDufresne for a chat in our Mod-Interview series. We hope you enjoy reading this issue!

samuelc812 - News Director


We are currently seeking a reporter for the Suggestions and Bug Reports Forum, if you're interested and are a regular in that part of the Forum then we encourage you to apply by filling out this simple form and sending it to samuelc812.




IV - Community Opinion
IX - Next Issue



  • Fast News
  • Tournament Interview with...
  • Current Signups
  • Editor's Note


  • Natewolfman is going to run the largest 1vs1 tournament ever created, it has 512 players! (see the current signups below)
  • Gozar awarded! Finally the Tournament Newsletter Editor in Chief has got the Special Contribution Medal for his long contribute. Congratulations Gozar! =D> (Gozar's Profile)
  • Interview with jpcloet, submit your questions here
  • Tournament Hall of Fame updates:
    • Blitzaholic takes the 3rd position in the Top Ten Tournaments list (here
    • Most Tournament games created (here)
    • Last month there were 78 tournaments (here)


- I'm sorry, but due to a lack of time there's no Tournament Interview on this issue.Don't worry,it will return soon :)


Here below the last week current signups:

Foundry Update:Tournament of Champions
show: options

British Football
show: options

Trainee Triples – Medal Heads Invitational 7
Organizer:DJ Teflon
show: options

Sam's Awesome Doubles Tournament
show: options

Doodle Earth Mayhem
show: options

Poker bidding tournament
show: options

HA's Round Robin Series-Classic Art
show: options

Premium+Freemium Classic Doubles
show: options

TOO and EoGE's Dubs Tourney II
show: options

Sweet Sixes Tournament
show: options

show: options

King of Australia
Organizer:DJ Teflon
show: options

Championship Series:Duck & Cover
show: options

Connect 4 Tournament
show: options

Round Robin Europe 2
show: options

Final Fanstasy Wars - FF III
show: options

show: options

Championship Series:Dust Bowl
show: options

Race to the Finish 2
show: options

My Map Is Better Than Yours - Doubles
show: options

Battle for World Supremacy
show: options

Just in Time Tournament
show: options

If you have some interesting ideas or suggestions about, please contact me with a PM.
Thank you


Hello again, my fellow conquerors. A lone map was quenched this time, but our beloved (ex-) CA oaktown has left the building with his official role, although he will be staying on board as a FA (Foundry Assistant).

  • Recently Quenched & Beta Maps
    • Oceania
  • Foundry News & Announcements
    • Foundry Stamp Competition
    • Foundry Staff Changes
  • Author's Note

Recently Quenched & Beta Maps
OceaniaMaker: pikkio & thenobodies80 (XML)
    Africa … Asia … North America … South America … Europe (x2?) … Australia — they're all there. But a map of the whole Oceanic area? You'll be hard-pressed to find that in the map list ;) . And so, thenobodies80 teamed up with pikkio in the Italian forum to create Conquer Club's newest map! All straightforward gameplay, this long-awaited (try weeks in the Final Forge!) map has finally been quenched by the monkey (And Dufresne) and is awaiting for live uploading by the one and only lack!
          the slacker : wink :

Foundry News & Announcements
Foundry Stamp Competition
The competition is now in the voting stage, and your votes are wanted and greatly appreciated! Visit the thread with the entries by clicking the subtitle or visiting the CC homepage and viewing the announcements.
Stepping Down … (& Staffing Changes)
The longtime CA, oaktown, has officially stepped down from his moderator position and is now one of the regulars … well, to an extent. That brings us to our Foundry Staffing Changes: with the departure of oaktown, the CA position is filled by some non-moderator Foundry Assistantsoaktown, wcaclimbing, thenobodies80, Incandenza, TaCktiX, and myself, the.killing.44. We will be helping out in our respective positions (see the Foundry Staff thread by clicking on this subtopic title) and lending the CA's a hand, whether it be by stamping or alerting the mods about things that need to be done. So, we bid farewell to oaktown and tip our caps to the Foundry Assistants :)

We've been down to the minimum of what to write on for the past couple weeks … got any ideas? suggestions? Want to write a piece? Just shoot me a PM by directly clicking my signature in the line below. Thanks,


The last few weeks have seen a few clans fade away and several new ones rise up. Both The Untouchables and Marvel/DC Heroes have now closed down. The Untouchables was a clan that was formed from the Knights of the Empire split, which also saw the creation of Legion of the Damned at the time, in 2007. Marvel, while having one of the best themes, lost momentum when the original founding leader left to join another clan.

Many of the Marvel/DC players have moved on to help form The Dark Knights of Chaos. Another clan (still forming) starting to gain momentum is The Spartans. Their leader has been running tournaments and appears quite organized, which is a great skill to have in managing clans and clan challenges.

With several clans folding, I reached out to a player who was part of both The Untouchables, and Knights of the Empire, the 2 most well-known clans to fold, hulmey.

What happened with KOE?
hulmey wrote:hmmm KOE...I joined them when I first started on CC. Rayray (ex LOD leader) had joined them and I was invited to join by KoE_Razorsedge. I really enjoyed by time there and Razorsedge was a brilliant leader. However, he left to found LOD, due to KOE being abandoned by its leaders. I tried to help KOE and managed to increase its membership from just me to over 30 members. But there was a power struggle going on and KOE-LION, backed by his faithful warriors from another Risk site, started causing problems. So with 5 other members we decided to make our own clan The Untouchables, built on a democratic foundation.
What happened with TUC?
hulmey wrote:TUC was built on democracy and we had 3 godfathers which were rebelmen, yorkiepeter, and myself. They both left and everything fell on me. I had passion and managed to get good players in and also people that were committed to clans. Once the clan was strong again, I believe it was probably one of the best clans to be in at the time, I wanted to return the clan to its roots of a democracy and to be honest my love affair with CC was over. I till today hardly visit this site and I only come on to check the forums, around once a week, when i got nothing else to do at work. Anyways, there was a lot of talk from xruan, wcaclimbing and others that they could pull this off with a clan council where everyone had certain roles to play. However, the problems began when one of links breaks, it will all come tumbling down. And it did, and there was nobody capable to pick up the pieces. I was gonna try, due to being nostalgic about TUC, but again my love affair with CC was over and my attempt died as quick as a beautiful sunset.
What would you recommend that new and existing clans do to manage through the peaks and valleys of being a clan?
hulmey wrote:You got to have passion, dedication and most importantly time. Try and get people involved in the day to day running of the clan and reward them for their efforts. People love rewards. Get negative people out of your clan. Negativity is the end of everything. Most importantly, people need to respect their clan leader and I think I lost that due to my headstrong nature around the CC forums.
What is your role in your current clan?
hulmey wrote:I'm not in a clan on CC anymore. I'm in a PS3 clan for the game Call of Duty: World at War. We have over 1000 members and our clan is built on a ranking system, much like CC's scoring system. I'm ranked Colonel and I'm in charge of a Brigade strong army of 100 members. Its fun, rewarding and I've made so many friends. I've found my home. If any xbox or PS3 guys are interested in a tactical gaming clan built on a military based system, they can pm me.

In my time here on CC, I have seen clans fold primarily due to 3 reasons being:
  1. Inactive Leaders
  2. Inactive Members
  3. In-Clan Disputes
Many of the players in these clans that have faded, do go on to other clans that have become some of the major clans on the site. It's a cycle that will likely continue on as clans grow on CC. Hulmey's advice about being passionate, dedicated, and committed to your clan is what helps clans be what they are today.

As always, you can find Clans who are recruiting here and you can see a list of all the clans and usergroups here.


“Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users.”

As of April 1st, 2009, Conquer Club no longer has a Flame Wars forum. Along with a few other changes made to the site that day, most figured it would be returned along with the original colors of the website, usernames and the dice. A few days after Conquer Club returned to it’s original demeanor, there was still a lack of a certain forum that had not slipped the eye of quite a few forum-goers.

The Community did not go without being heard on this issue. Many topics sprouted about the GD forum about the loss and they shared their opinions in this topic viewtopic.php?f=6&t=82963 among many others, including quite a few that were soon locked for flaming, ironically. Half of the voters were pleased with the removal of Flame Wars and did not have a problem with it being gone. A third of the voters wholeheartedly wanted and “needed” Flame Wars back and thought the people running Conquer Club fell and hit their heads, woke up and decided a war site was not the place for being mean to others. A few voters wanted Flame Wars back just so the people would strop griping about it being gone, and the rest said now that the forum was gone, they really didn’t see a need for it to come back.

“Much like a roll of the dice, life isn't always fair,” says oVo, as the discussion about the missing forum heated up within the thread. Visitors of the thread included Robinette, KLOBBER and owenshooter all giving their unique opinions on the matter. A few were more blunt than others when giving their outlook: “Flame Wars is dead, just let it go,” BaldAdonis declared.

The official word came out from Hyasri, the Community Manager, on April 6 which you can read about in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=82967. So even though some people gave very good arguments on why Flame Wars should be returned, such as Whitestazn88 when he mentioned “I'd like to see flame wars come back so that people who do need to vent in an obscene way can do so without ruining my forum experience,” in the end the administrators put their foots down on the subject. To quote Hyasri, “It was becoming more clear that the flames were spilling out of that forum.” It seemed like the admins were just trying to look out for the site as a whole and wanted a better atmosphere in the forums. Assuring us that this decision was not made rashly but was given a lot of time and thought, the community has been dealing with their loss since (some better than others).

In closing, Flame Wars was a part of the site than many users enjoyed and some will miss. To those who wished Flame Wars was still around, I’m sure you can agree with TheProwler as he poignantly yet briskly says “I miss Flame Wars.”


Thanks to everyone who put in their opinions, and if you ever have a suggestion for a Community Opinion piece, feel free to PM me any ideas!


The Strategy Guide Ad-Hoc Group

Hi folks, I’m Nagerous! You may have seen me in the past trolling the forums and providing nonsensical comments sometimes irrelevant to the thread the statement is made in. However, I am not here today to talk jibberish but instead I am going to be discussing one important element of the Conquer Club community that not everybody knows about, and that is the Strategy Ad-Hoc Group. Currently, the Strategy Ad-Hoc Group is working on producing detailed strategy guides for every map and setting as well as guides on spoils and reinforcements. As everyone knows, there are a huge amount of maps now available for live play and therefore the job that the strategy group have given themselves is enormous. However thanks to the good work and leadership from Gilligan, gimiland The Fuzzy Pengui as well as a number of active members the list of maps is slowly being worked through. Guides have already been completed on a number of maps such as Arctic and the Caribbean Islands and there are many others that have been written and are near to being finalised. However, the Strategy Ad-Hoc Group needs your help! As mentioned earlier the task that the team are setting themselves is huge, but the more people we have helping, the quicker the guides can be churned out. More users giving more feedback would also be welcomed. If the concept of writing guides for your favourite map has attracted you, please feel welcome to join the group either by following this link --> The Strategy Guides Ad-Hoc Group and saying you want to join there, or by dropping The Fuzzy Pengui, gimil or Gilligan a PM. With your help, you can make Conquer Club a better place, by writing detailed guides to help new or inexperienced players, or if writing is not your thing, just joining the group to give those writing guides some feedback. There is also the possibility of incentives in the form of free months of premium memberships for individuals who work especially hard with the group over a long period of time, provided generously by gimil. So if you are motivated by greed or just want to help/better the community, please apply. :) Thank-you.



show: Interview with AndyDufresne


Greetings fools!
I'm going to kick off this guest article by saying that concieving and then writing one is not as easy as it sounds. Already I've deleted three possible beginnings to this and I'm worried the finished article will be a load of twaddle. My consciousness is telling me to stick to general feelings about Conquer Club and try to write them as sensibly as possible, so let's do that. How hard can it be?
I enjoy logging on here every day, I really do. I look forward to taking the turns and annihilating the opposition, despite what my rank suggests. I find the general atmosphere and environment of the forums to be relaxed, intriguing and often very amusing. The moderators are genuinely likable characters, and you don't get that with all websites. The help and advice on offer for new players and veterans alike is second-to-none - a big thumbs up to the creators of The Training Grounds and the Strategy Ad-Hoc Group. I was introduced to mafia games here, and the responsibilty of leading a clan. Hell, I could even buy a CC t-shirt if I so desired. Finally, we have the hundreds, maybe thousands of regular posters who make the place what it is. My thanks to you, especially the people who put up with my shenanigans. I'm not naming you though, this isn't an Oscar speech.
I will however name the two CCers who invited me on a day trip to London back in February - the struggling alcoholic "nagerous", and the evil Australian "Skoffin". I had a brilliant time meeting you and wading through the seedy shadows of ol' London town. If any of you other readers get the chance to meet up with other people on the site, I would highly recommend it. Just make sure you meet them in a popular place of course...

Well this seems like the right place to round off, although a certain someone never mentioned how long he wanted this thing to be. A quick note to the future guest article writers, hopefully your pieces will be better written and more specific than this one was.
So then CCers, good luck out there on the field, although I know you cretins get more of it than I do anyway...



Scores at the end of Week 3

We only have 3 more weeks of competition, can our 2 leaders hold on to their lead or will they stumble in this weeks questions ;)

show: Community Competition Scoreboard


Stay Tuned for the next issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter for an interview with Tournament Director, Natewolfman. You can submit your questions here --> Interview with Natewolfman

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