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CC News [Issue 08: 12-5-09] - Interview with Natewolfman

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CC News [Issue 08: 12-5-09] - Interview with Natewolfman

Postby samuelc812 on Mon May 04, 2009 8:35 pm

Issue #08:



Hello all and welcome to the eighth issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter!

More farewells this week as we say goodbye to gimil who served as Cartography Assistant for 16 months, he now joins oaktown who also retired about 3 weeks ago.

We also say a sudden "cya later" to Hyasri who was Community Manager for only 2 months before leaving late last week. In his stead saw AndyDufresne promoted to Chief Moderator, the public face of Conquer Club. He is now the final authority on implementing the rules & policies and is ultimately responsible for community relations. The change also saw Optimus Prime promoted to Operations Manager which will add to his responsibilities as Volunteer Co-ordinator.

We would like to welcome ubersky onto the News Team, he will be writing for the Suggestions & Bug Reports forum, bringing you all the latest suggestions and features from that area of the forum. Also keep your eye out for this weeks 'Guest Editorial by jpcloet.

And lastly we are still looking for volunteers from the community to write for our Guest Editorial section. If you're interested please express your interest via PM to samuelc812.

We hope you enjoy this issue :)

samuelc812 - News Director





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    - jpcloet, our Clan Reporter, is running an interesting poll about abandoned tournament (here)
    - Tournament Newsletter issue #72 (here)
    - Interview with Peter Gibbons - submit your questions (here)



barterer2002 is one of the most productive and appreciated members. With 59 successful completed tournament to date, he is a model of excellence in the tournament organizing business.

Q: Hi barterer2002, talk about you...

    I'm just a guy living in Pennsylvania (US) taking some time off of other commitments (too much sometimes) to play CC

Q: How did you find out about Conquer Club?

    I play a simulated baseball game and a group of us found CC about 2 years ago. Some have stayed, many played for a bit and then left.

Q: Currently you are the member with the highest number of successfully organized tournaments. Why did you decide to specialize yourself in tournament organization?

    Well in general I don't join something half assed. I figure if you're going to do something you should also give something back to whatever organization you're a part of. I'd love to have the talent to make a map but I don't. Tournaments are something that I can run to give back to the community, feed my own needs (I love to play in tournaments) and also something that I think I can do well.

Q: How is the feeling, from your "first place", to look down on other big names like Optimus Prime, Amazzony or Natewolfman?

    Well, I certainly don't look down on any of those. They are some of my favorite organizers. In terms of pure numbers I may have more but in large respects that's because of the Championship Series which accounts for 20-30 of my total and is like the pixie dust of tournament organizers. Those 16 player 1v1 tournaments are fun, easy and popular filling a necessary part in the community but from an organization standpoint, don't compare to tournaments like ZZ's Olympics, Nate's Band or Die or OP's various leagues or Gilligan's Madness series. One of the great things about the tourney area is that there are plenty of different possibilities for people to do.

Q: You already organized and succesfully completed many tournaments, but the Championship Series is probably your most famous one... What was your source of inspiration for this successful tournament franchise?

    There will always be a demand for 1v1 single elimination tournaments. I pulled aspects from several organizers to put it together. I liked the 16 player format that Optimus Prime uses in most of his Point Grabbers, however, I also preferred the best of 3 format that Godd established in his You're Eliminated Series. It takes some of the issues of drop and dice out since you're playing best of 3 rather than just 1. I thought of using Best of 5 or even best of 7 but wanted these to be available for freemiums to play in. I also really like tournaments that will use all the maps Battle for Supremacy and Battle for Escalating Supremacy were both designed to go with every available map at the time) and while each of these tournaments focus on one, the franchise itself will hit all of them.
Q: In your opinion is more difficult organizing a successful tournament or taking the victory in one of them?

    Well considering I've organized a lot more than I've won pretty clearly for me its more difficult to win however there are skills to successful organizing and it does take time and dedication to do. I don't personally find that organizing is that difficult however I have watched others struggle with the time commitment involved. On the other hand, I certainly can't compare with Godd, BaldAdonis or killmanic in terms of winning tournaments so I think its more a matter of skill sets.
Q: What is the tournament ( or series of tournaments) that gave you most satisfaction?

    My favorite two have been the Battle for Supremacy, which was my first mega tournament (and my 3rd overall) which I started in Dec 07 with 264 players (which was as far as I know the largest up to that date) and is currently down to 4 players in the finals and the Battle for Escalating Supremacy which I based off the original Supremacy but used Escalating rather than Flat rate cards. I like the fact that both tournaments allowed me to use every map in play at the time it started (64 for Supremacy and 100 for Escalating Supremacy) and allowed a great number of players-including some that were new to tournaments-to participate. Organizing the 500 players for Escalating Supremacy can be a little challenging-especially in the first round as some of the flightier players drop out but once you're past that point you're usually good.

Q: How much time do you spend on organizing/running a tournament? How much of that time do you enjoy?

    I enjoy most of the aspects of tournament organization. It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to run the first round of some of these tourneys as you have to create sometimes up to 200 games and get them out to your players but other than that I enjoy all of it. I probably spend about an hour or so a day checking the currently running tournaments and sending out new games as needed and maybe a little longer on Saturday when I post an update in every active tournament I have.

Q: Have you a new mysterious project in your drawer? Or are you only "dancing like a ballerina in a pink tutu while watching The View" ?

    Well as much as everyone loves the View I do have a few projects coming out. Obviously the Championship Series will continue as we've got a lot more maps to play there. I'm considering doing a second Escalating Tournament which was fun but my next "biggie" is going to be a mapmaker extravaganza featuring 8 of CCs most prodigious mapmakers "favorite maps". Players will play 8 player games on each of their favorite's top 8 maps before moving onto Round 2 which will mesh the mapmakers a bit more. Some mapmakers will have their maps repeated in Round 2 but the more prodigious ones will be able to go all the way without a repeat. I'm getting it all laid out in my head right now and have contacted the top mapmakers for their input.

Q: In your opinion,what are the three most important things to organize a successful tournament?

    1. Dedication. Its going to require an organizer to get sign ups, create games, post updates and move the tournament along. I've seen tournaments fail at each part of these.
    2. Good clear concept. Its important to have your ideas for where the tournament is going out there in your sign up post. How many games, are freemiums allowed, how do you advance, what maps/settings are being used, is there a theme you're trying to tie in and if so how are you doing that.
    3. Ability to adapt. There are going to be issues. Any TO with enough games under their belt will have created games with incorrect settings at some point. Hopefully you catch it early enough to fix it but if not you'll have to adapt. Other times, situations are going to come up that you don't anticipate-some raised by your players. You have to be as fair as you can to your original promises but still make it workable.


Here below the last week current signups:

Conquering the USA
show: options

CC Doubles Franchise League
show: options

HA's Arms Race Addition Two
show: options

Vampires vs Werewolves: Europe
show: options

Tournament "X"
show: options

show: options

Where in the World: Assassinations
Organizer:Tang Kai
show: options

American Hockey League II
Organizer:Optimus Prime
show: options

ppgangster's White Gold II
show: options

America:Past, Present, Future
show: options

Black Ops Squad II
show: options

CC Horse Derby
show: options

b00060's Classic Shapes Tournament IX
show: options

The Biggest Winner
show: options

olkok's Ruler of Midgard I
show: options

Conquest to World Domination
show: options

10 Years Later: Fight Club
show: options

kyle's Classic Speed Double Tournament
show: options

Star Wars Challenge
show: options

If you have some interesting ideas or suggestions about, please contact me with a PM.
Thank you


Alo again. More down time in the Foundry, map-wise. We really appreciate your comments, so go git some comments in! However, there hasn't been any lack of news, as you may have heard that our beloved gimil has stepped down from his position as Cartography Assistant, following in the path of our friend oaktown. In other news, cairnswk, the guy who's responsible for over 10% of our maps, has returned from the depths of … wherever he was to finish off a project and, yes incredibly, start a new one.

  • Recently Quenched & Beta Maps
    • Land and Sea
  • Foundry News & Announcements
    • Foundry Stamp Competition
    • gimil retires (and the effects)
  • Author's Note

Recently Quenched & Beta Maps
Land and SeaMaker: gimil & edbeard
    At last, a true map of the world. Combining the values of Classic and High Seas, edbeard's vision for a true world map consisting of both earthbound AND waterborne territories was formed when gimil agreed to take the job, doing the graphics on the map. The graphics are what some call "minimalist," as the pair went for a clear, easy-to-read map that wasn't the flashiest. It came out great and the goal the two strived for was executed all too well. The map should be a favorite amongst CC — the gameplay and the theme, as well as the aesthetics of the map, all point towards a CC classic!

Foundry News & Announcements
Foundry Stamp Competition
The voting has ended, and fumandomuerte has delivered the winning stamps, winning by a landslide! The stamps are enclosed in a spoiler below, and they have already been instituted in the Foundry process and they look fantastic!
show: stamps

Staff Changes
As mentioned before, gimil has stepped down from his CA position due to time constraints from real-world things. He served since January of 2008, following the path of oaktown as they took the position together and stepped down within weeks of one another. This time a team was not brought in, but everyone was shuffled around. With gimil's departure the Graphics Department was an empty hole, so MrBenn, the longest-standing CA now, has stepped in to take the head of the Graphics Department. Under him (as Graphical Assistants), are wcaclimbing, samuelc812, TaCktiX, and myself, the.killing.44. We will be helping MrB out by stamping maps as well. MrBenn used to be the head of the Drafts Department, but when he moved up that was left empty, so a committee is also on that now, with no CA above them. That department is now a sort of triumvirate consisting of TaCktiX, thenobodies80, and our good ol' oaktown. They'll do the stamping and organizing of the Drafting Room, taking over MrBenn's old job.

Got any ideas? suggestions? Want to write a piece? Just shoot me a PM by directly clicking my signature in the line below. Thanks,


Changes in Leadership

While the announcement of a new Community Manager and a new Volunteer Coordinator has been big news this year, I think some of us, including myself, missed some of the subtleties of their appointments. Just prior to the announcement, Optimus Prime removed himself from the Clan Leaders Association (CLA), and appointed another member to represent his clan within that group. This has happened with several clans so far, so I really thought nothing of it, especially given all his work in other areas plus his clan itself. However, looking back, surely there was something more to it, than meets the eye.

Once the announcement was made public, I noticed that Optimus Prime was no longer in several groups, and was also no longer in his clan, Generation One: The Clan. Surely, there was some kind of error, wasn't there? Well, sadly it was not an error. It was previously decided that staff members (admin level) must remain unbiased and cannot be affiliated with clans or usergroups. My first response (in my head) was similar to a colleague's of mine. "Honestly, I feel that's &*^%$#. If you were biased you probably would not have been picked to be a mod of any level is my opinion." In true red-steeled calmness, he responded "I have the feeling that it is a small price to pay for the admins not to be affiliated in any way, so that all the rest of you can be in clans and usergroups and there is still a level of administration that problems can be elevated to if for some reason a user winds up thinking you are biased towards a fellow clan member or something."

And while I did not create the clan I currently lead, I sometimes wonder how difficult of a decision it must have been, to leave something you helped build and create from the ground floor. Then I realized, that he's made this decision twice now after leaving the Tournament Director Position earlier in his CC career. In both situations, the next people in line were generally G1 players who where also major contributors. The Tournaments area has continued to be successful, and G1 seems to have continued on without hitting any bumps along the way. G1 the clan continues on with Ultra Magnus at the helm, however, I do hope that he fares better than his 1986 counterpart, since I don't see Hot Rod anywhere at this point. Either way, I think I'd still watch my back for Megatron to make a move for power.

As always, you can find Clans who are recruiting here and you can see a list of all the clans and usergroups here.


Our new Suggs & Bugs Reporter ubersky will be commencing next issue, so stay tuned!


Unfortunately, InsomniaRed was unable to bring us this weeks Community Opinion Article, however keep your eyes peeled for a new poll in the General Discussion forum very soon.


The Strategy Guide Ad-Hoc Group

Hi folks, I’m Nagerous! You may have seen me in the past trolling the forums and providing nonsensical comments sometimes irrelevant to the thread the statement is made in. However, I am not here today to talk jibberish but instead I am going to be discussing one important element of the Conquer Club community that not everybody knows about, and that is the Strategy Ad-Hoc Group. Currently, the Strategy Ad-Hoc Group is working on producing detailed strategy guides for every map and setting as well as guides on spoils and reinforcements. As everyone knows, there are a huge amount of maps now available for live play and therefore the job that the strategy group have given themselves is enormous. However thanks to the good work and leadership from Gilligan, gimiland The Fuzzy Pengui as well as a number of active members the list of maps is slowly being worked through. Guides have already been completed on a number of maps such as Arctic and the Caribbean Islands and there are many others that have been written and are near to being finalised. However, the Strategy Ad-Hoc Group needs your help! As mentioned earlier the task that the team are setting themselves is huge, but the more people we have helping, the quicker the guides can be churned out. More users giving more feedback would also be welcomed. If the concept of writing guides for your favourite map has attracted you, please feel welcome to join the group either by following this link --> The Strategy Guides Ad-Hoc Group and saying you want to join there, or by dropping The Fuzzy Pengui, gimil or Gilligan a PM. With your help, you can make Conquer Club a better place, by writing detailed guides to help new or inexperienced players, or if writing is not your thing, just joining the group to give those writing guides some feedback. There is also the possibility of incentives in the form of free months of premium memberships for individuals who work especially hard with the group over a long period of time, provided generously by gimil. So if you are motivated by greed or just want to help/better the community, please apply. :) Thank-you.



show: Interview with Natewolfman


As I peruse the forums, I notice the continued effort in general discussion to start and continue threads about the top 5 this or the top 10 that. Often you find the same players on the same lists quoting to be the best. Yet many have not been Conqueror. I've never really wanted to be there, but always wondered why players aimed to be #1. I've always enjoyed playing various maps and game types and wondered would I really stick to the game types that the current Conqueror plays?

To answer this question, I sat down with JOHNNYROCKET24, who is a former Conqueror.

Q: So what brought you to CC?

A: I was on another site a couple years ago and saw a post which contained the link to this site. I decided to check it out since the post seemed very interesting. I was looking for something new and different at the time to play.

Q: What was it like being the top ranked player and trying to maintain the title of Conqueror?

A: Actually, it was not all it was cracked up to be. You become too involved with trying to preserve every point and monitor every game to every little detail. Only joining certain types of games which you feel gives you the highest percentage to win. I would get too frustrated with every move that did not work out. Once the medals were released last summer, it gave me the new idea to focus on winning them, rather than trying to maintain a high score. I feel more relaxed now and I am having a better time.

Q: Did it get boring? Will you attempt to become #1 again?

A: Perhaps sometime in the future I will make a run for number 1 again. Right now I am satisfied with playing tourneys and hosting some of my own. I'm very pleased to attract a large crowd of players to my tournaments. They seem to get filled the same day they are created. The team tournaments take a little longer to fill...for obvious reasons.

Q: Have you ever farmed or manipulated points?

A: A couple years ago before the freestyle rules were changed, there were a few games I waited until the last second to move giving my opponent very little time to move. Sometimes it worked but most of the time the other player was waiting to move knowing that I was going to move within the next couple minutes or I would lose a turn. I stopped playing freestyle a while ago because I do not like moving every 12 hours. Things come up that 12 hours is not enough time to make a move and I do not want to give the advantage back to my opponent by letting him move before me. Going first in a game is key to me.

Q: Who, other than yourself, should be considered the best all-around player on the site?

A: Well, I am sure this will just be adding to this players huge head, but Blitzaholic I feel does a very good job. Not only is he a long time player here, but he plays a huge variety of games like myself and also tournament. He does not limit himself to 1 type of game which most players do just to obtain points. In my opinion, Blitz is a force no matter what the game options are.

Q: What clans did you belong to? What would it take for you to join another one today?

A: Well I was an original member of the Ponies (The Horsemen of the Apocalypse (THOTA)) and more recently the Phoenix Warlords which to the best of my knowledge, never played a match. I joined both clans because I was asked to join. I really have no interest in clans. Once in awhile you will see me make reference to "Clan JR" which contains one :mrgreen:

Q: You spend quite of time in the Tournaments area, what has been your favorite tournament to date?

A: I have been doing the best I feel in terminator tournaments. I seem to be able to knock out a couple opponents in each match which allows me to move on to the next round. I only played a few team tournaments and I am not a big fan of 6-8 player escalating games so I would say anyone hosting a 1 vs 1 or some kind of assassin/terminator tourney is what I would like to play.

Many players play on CC for various reasons whether it be just for fun, tournaments, clans, map making, or even the pursuit of one day becoming Conqueror. That my friends, is a Top 5 that we should all be able to live with.



Scores at the end of Week 4

We only have 2 more weeks of competition, can our 2 leaders hold on to their lead or will they stumble in this weeks questions ;)

show: Community Competition Scoreboard


Stay Tuned for the next issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter for an interview with Multi-Hunter and Forum Moderator, lancehoch. You can submit your questions here --> Interview with lancehoch

Also stay tuned for the next issue for our new Competition :)

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