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CC News [Issue 09: 28-5-09] - Short Edition with lancehoch

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CC News [Issue 09: 28-5-09] - Short Edition with lancehoch

Postby samuelc812 on Wed May 20, 2009 3:56 am

Issue #09:



Hello all and welcome to the ninth issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter!

Apologies for the late issue this week while i was on holidays, now that i have returned lets get down to the newsletter shall we? It has been relatively quiet in CC over the past few weeks following the staff shuffle. But the dust seems to have settled and everyone is getting back to enjoying the game, which is good to see.

With Summer just around the corner, the CC News Team has launched a Summer Graphics Competition that is open to all of the CC Community. For full details on the competition visit this thread.

According to Optimus Prime the site's Operations Manager, TeamCC Nominations came in thick and fast from the community at large. A pile that he now must sift through and pick out the cream of the crop, here is what he had to say...
Optimus Prime wrote:Alright folks, I've got a massive pile of names to sift through, so the time has come to close the nominations period. Looks like there are some really promising folks in my pile, so keep your eyes peeled. Sometime in the not too terribly distant future we are likely to start seeing some new faces with colored names.

Thanks for the help!

Regards, OP

So stay tuned i guess...

We will soon see a new Brazil map to replace the current, see Foundry News for more info.

We hope you enjoy this issue :)

samuelc812 - News Director





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  • Editor's Note


    - A new useful tool for Tournament Organizers, check the "Tournament Guides, Tips & Tricks" section to read more about...
    - Tournament Newsletter #75 (here)
    - Interview with b00060 - submit your questions (here)
    - Tournament Hall of Fame Update!(here)


Here below the last week current signups:

School's Out for Summer 2009
Organizer:Night Strike
show: options

GR's Common Map Tour
show: options

show: options

The Common Map Tour
show: options

Caymanmew's classic tournament
show: options

The Rjbeals Open
show: options

Spleen of Garnets! Douglas Adams Theme!
show: options

The Random Map Duel 2
show: options

!!!Save this Dog!!!
show: options

So you think you can dance?
show: options

Speed Terminator III
Organizer:DJ Teflon
show: options

Mr.classic III
show: options

European Special Agent
Organizer:DJ Teflon
show: options

Championship Series: WWII Ardennes
show: options

Championship Series: WWI Ottoman Empire
show: options

Random Map Escalating Doubles
Organizer:Forza AZ
show: options

Best Sports Franchise
show: options

show: options


Conquer Club Tournament Stats
The new Conquer Club API was released on 14 May 2009 and in few days chipv give us a new useful toy!
The tool produces stats about a tournament, so you can collect the informations you need more easily and quickly.
When installed it could be used in the Game Finder page and currently it is splitted in two main sections:

    - Summary: In this section are displayed players, games played , wins , losses, eliminations and active games.
    - Results: Here are listed all finished games, map name and who won and who lost the games.
You can find this useful tool and more informations about it here.

If you have some interesting ideas or suggestions about, please contact me with a PM.
Thank you


Alo again. More down time in the Foundry, map-wise. We really appreciate your comments, so go git some comments in! This might be the smallest issue yet, as we only have one map to write about and not really any news :(

  • Recently Quenched & Beta Maps
    • Brazil REVAMP
  • Foundry News & Announcements
    • The Foundry Newsletter: Issue #20
  • Author's Note

Recently Quenched & Beta Maps
Brazil REVAMPMaker: RjBeals XML: Optimus Prime
    After winning the much-advertised and highly known revamp, RjBeals teamed up with XML'er (and admin!) Optimus Prime to finish of this beauty that will replace the current, uh, not-so-great looking Brazil map by Marvaddin in 2006. After winning the competition, RJ went through some trouble as Marv used his "super-veto" powers to get rid of some tilt that RJ had put on his winning entry, sending a wave of anti-mapping sentiments through him. But after a long haul, the map was completed to the enjoyment of all, and we hope to see this live soon!

Foundry News & Announcements
Foundry Newsletter: Issue #20

Another issue is upon us. We've got a full issue here, with three maps arising from the recycling bin after long vacations. In addition we've got your favorite column with WCA's latest challenge, and we all think you'll get a kick out of it. Sadly no Editorial this issue, school got in the way of our intended writer, so look for it next issue. Of course we've got A Look Back and Spotlight, covering Tisha's Puget Sound and Sully's up-and-coming World Cities. And finally our Community Perspective, with the proof that nobody likes reading what I'm typing right now. Just let me know if I should just cut this portion out already. :P

Hope you enjoy the issue,
Senior Editor

That's right, another issue of the newsletter where you can see what's up with all things mapping, read interviews and compete in other graphic competitions is up! We hope you enjoy it :)

Got any ideas? suggestions? Want to write a piece? Just shoot me a PM by directly clicking my signature in the line below. Thanks,


A big rivalry is starting to form between The Horseman of the Apocalypse (THOTA) and Legends of War(LOW). THOTA now leads the Clan League, while LOW maintains the top spot on the Clan Ladder. To add to that mix, they are also facing off in a clan war as well in a very close battle, and also head to head in the league this week! Some great sportsmanship here.

In other news, a new clan ladder draft is circulating for comments and review, and is based more closely to College Sports RPI. Some good reviews so far and several players are reviewing calculations. There was concerns with the original (and still current) ladder that many newer clans were being placed on the ladder higher than they should, and that it was possible to get to number 1 without facing a top 10 clan. The draft version minimizes that ability as you will have to face stronger opponents in order to be ranked higher. Work should continue on the new ladder for a few more weeks before it is taken to the CLA for a vote.

In my Clan Director duties, I was approached this week by someone from the technical team and I am exploring some reporting functionality and other possibilities as well. Hopefully I will be able to report some results soon.

As always, you can find Clans who are recruiting here and you can see a list of all the clans and usergroups here.


show: Interview with lancehoch


Scores at the end of Week 5

We only have 1 more week of competition, can our 2 leaders hold on to their lead or will they stumble in this weeks questions ;) Next week we will announce the winner :)

show: Community Competition Scoreboard


Stay Tuned for the next issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter for an interview with the Head Chatter, James Vazquez. You can submit your questions here --> Interview with James Vazquez

Submitting Your Own Articles

If you have a story you think the Conquer Club Community would find interesting, you can submit your articles to samuelc812. If the CC News Team enjoy it than you may just see your article published in the Newsletter!


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