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How to Form a Clan ?

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How to Form a Clan ?

Postby Masli on Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:33 am

How to form a Clan

If you have the skills, attitude and personality you can form your own Clan and become a Clan Leader of your own Clan on Conquer Club.

But before you create a new forming Clan read the step-by-step guidelines that provide the perfect source how to form, host, and run your own clan i.e.for victories in the Clan Challenges or be the host of a discussion .

Until you are familiar with the process, my advice would be to read it all before you form your own Clan. That way, no one will be surprised and having a lot of questions as you go through the process.


There are several tactics to starting a clan.
The most basic way is to post in Create/Join a Competitive Clan telling everyone that you are creating a clan and are looking for players.

It is recommended that you have some players/friends already ready to join your clan before you post in the public forum.
By doing this, it shows that you already have a good start and a solid core of players.

Clearly detailing what your clan is about and what your clan offers is also important, especially if it is unique that no other current clan offers.
Sell other players on why they should join your clan.

All Clan Events and almost all Clan Battles use a one competitive clan rule.
(you will have very little chance in finding any action when you have members that are already in a different Competitive Clan)

What do you need for becoming Official :
    1. 9 members and 1 leader
    2. A name for the clan/group
    3. A description
    4. Submit the above information Eticket with the group member's names on it.
    5. It may take a few days to become offical after that.

  • Usergroups of 9 or less "Active Scoreboard users (a game every 30 days to appear on the Scoreboard), will be given a deadline to re-energize inactive members or gain new active members, otherwise the Usergroup Forum and possibly the Usergroup itself, may face deletion.
  • All usergroups must always keep their own private forum active at least every month as part of their maintenance to keep their clan, otherwise the Usergroup itself, may face deletion.
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