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New Clan Director Callout

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2022 10:56 pm
by JPlo64
The Clan Department
is looking for candidates to serve on the Clan Director Team.
Candidates applying should have a high activity on Conquer Club within Clans and be familiar enough with rules and procedures to answer some basic questions. Candidates should be able and willing to handle their assigned task(s), have a relatively cool-head and calm demeanor and be eager to help improve and strengthen Clans.

An ideal candidate would also be willing and able to Skype group chat (text, not voice or video) with the other Clan Directors.

If you feel you could contribute, please send a PM with the subject "Clan Director Application" to JPlo64 with the following:

Availability/Time I Can Dedicate per Week: (weekends only, all day, mornings, evenings, etc.)
Comments: (one or two paragraphs in length describing why you think you are a good candidate)

Thank you!