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wtt join clain

Postby lord richard187 on Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:09 pm

hi there i am looking too join a clan so i can improve my game play and too be part of a team i am willing too learn just he some one too give me a chance if you are willing too give me that chance then message me i look forward too hearing from you thanks.
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Re: wtt join clain

Postby Arama86n on Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:00 am

As no one has replied in a week perhaps I can offer some friendly advice.
The fact that you lack medals in team games speaks against you, you should probably look around in callouts for opertunities to play team games. Another option is seeking open team games in game-finder ofc, but you may have trouble finding good team-mates like that (This because most people join games with partners in tow, and it's hard to find good players in public games just waiting for random partners). The best option is probably to take that willingness to learn that you stated and throw up a thread in callouts asking for someone experienced to play with you in team-games, that's what I did back in the day and it worked great, I quickly got some contacts in CC and have been playing with them ever since.

The biggest issue you will face though is your "95% turns taken". Missing turns in Clan-war games is not acceptable, and I'm afriad to tell you that most clans will immidiately disregard you after seeing your statistic there. So my biggest peice of advice to you is to get your turns taken to at least 98% (99% really). As you've played 1500 games already this is going to take quiet a while unfortuantely, unless you play plenty of speed games.

Perhaps you can combine the above into a few goals for the immidiate future? There is very often speed-dubs games up with open slots and good partners to be had! (unlike non-speed public games where it is rare in my experience) Spend a few months playing speed dubs, don't miss turns and get experince in team-games. If you handle yourself well you'll make friends along the way and will most likely find yourself invited to a clan sooner or later anyway if you communicate well and have a decent understanding of strategy.

I hope this helps, best of luck to you.
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