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Trench Warfare in clanwars

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Re: Trench Warfare in clanwars

Postby kizkiz on Sun Mar 03, 2013 7:25 pm

HardAttack wrote:
To put alltogether,
1/ IMO, very luck and dice dependent,
2/ Takes forever,

These two are very enough to make trench warfare unsuitable for clan arena i believe.


But you've notplayed these settings in a clan war you say?
Have a read of this thread. Lots of people have, including entire wars. It doesn't take forever, and rarely more than 20 rounds. You're just plain wrong there.
As for dice/drop - i can only assume that you don't play much trench? It's no worse than flat, esc spoils. Hit a rainbow early and you can roll over the board easily.
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