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Re: FORMING: Jolly Ranchers - non-competitive

Postby hmsps on Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:59 pm

Gen.LeeGettinhed wrote:Fellow players, please join me in singing:

Kum ba yah, my lack, kum ba yah. Kum ba ya, my lack, kum ba ya. Kum ba yah, my lack, kum ba ya. Oh, Lack, kum ba yah.

Someone's Ranching, lack, kum ba yah. Someone's Flaming, lack, kum ba yah. Someone's Baiting, lack, kum ba yah. Oh Lack, kum ba ya.

We're reforming, lackm kum ba yah. Tho we're legal, lack, kum ba yah. Stop the flaming, lack, kum ba yah. Oh Lack, kum ba ya.

Now have a Coke and a smile :mrgreen:
Its not trolling or baiting but are you round the campfire there? :P

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