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The Underworld vs Army Of Kings

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The Underworld vs Army Of Kings

Postby Count Belisle on Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:57 am

Hear ye, hear ye

We have a challenge. GI O of Army of Kings has issued a challenge for us at The Underworld.

here are the parameters :
3 Rounds

Per Round per Clan:
3 Quads - 12 Players/Clan
3 Trips - 9 Players/Clan
3 Dubs - 6 Players/Clan

So there will be 54 Player Slots per Round. No player can participate in more than 3 Home Games and 3 Away Games per Round. Clan Leaders can only fill 1 position in each Game. This will have to be a "Honor" process, because I am not sure anyone will want to keep up with it.

Games can be setup with any settings excluding (Freestyle/Speed/Random). Round Limit 50. Each Map can only be used twice per War.

Quad - 4
Trips - 3
Dubs - 2

In the event there is a Tie at the end of everything, let's Play 1 Quad Game on the World 2.1 Map. Standard, Auto, Seq, Flat Rate, Chained, Sunny. Any Player can participate, but only 1 Clan Leader and 2 of the Players must be a Sergeant or lower in Rank.

Since The Underworld is a Usergroup, not a Clan. So this would not be a Clan War and it would not be a sanctioned event. What that means is that at the end there will be no "Trophies" or "Medals". this will just be for bragging rights. Also, since this is not a sanctioned event, no one will get "Privileges". So the games would have to be created by someone who is participating in the Game.
so every one lets do a Roll Call, please everyone check in here and state if you would like to participate and preferred map and settings.

show: The Underworld Members

show: Army of Kings Members

show: The Underworld Home Games

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