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Issue 2: 12/11/07

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Issue 2: 12/11/07

Postby Gozar on Tue May 26, 2009 9:10 pm

Issue 2: 12/11/07


Editors Note

Thank you for subscribing to the Conquer Club Tournament Newsletter, this PM is not being sent by me as my mass PM'er is not working, thanks to whoever I conned into sending it :P! Its that time again and here is our second issue, we are constantly looking for help so don't be afraid to drop me a PM.
-spinwizard :D

Editors Note
Currently Taking Signups...
Looking for Reserves...
Tournament Updates
Coming Soon
The Tournament Roll of Honour
How to Organise a Tournament (2)

Currently Taking Signups...
Here are just some of the tournaments that are currently taking signups or will be open for players in the near future! To get your tournament advertised here PM spinwizard. :)

Organiser: Optimus Prime
Description: Optimus Prime's next tournament features a battle to control the whole of America, choose from divisions such as the Amazonian's or Montreal in an attempt to take over America.

Revised Classic
Organiser: iamkoolerthanu
Description: From Doodle Earth, to Classic to World 2.1, this tournament takes you through many stages of the globe in an attempt to find a world champion.

All Holds Bar!
Organiser: soundout9
Description: Kick off the new year fight here in soundout9's new massive tournament, with 135 players and still rising it promises to be a blast.

Spin's Triples League
Organiser: spinwizard
Description: Think you and your team mates are the best? Here is your chance to prove it in the fantastic new triples league! Play against the best in the quest for the top spot!

TO; Qualify, WC 2010 - CAF
Organiser: hulmey
Description: Battle it out to be the champion of Africa and qualify for world cup 2010! Not many spaces left so get there quick!

UEFA-cup 2007/08
Organiser: Forza AZ
Description: Have the chance to coach your favourite European football team to victory in the UEFA Cup 07/08!

Looking for Reserves...
here are some of the tournaments currently looking for reserves, PM spinwizard to get you tournament included here. :)

Battle for Supremacy
TO; Qualify, WC 2010 - "RESERVE-POOL"
2 vs 2 The Alpha or the Omega?
The Seasons!

Tournament Updates
Here are how some of the currently ongoing tournaments are progressing. To get your tournament featured here, PM spinwizard. :)

Conqueror of Conquer Club
Organiser: hulmey
The world Conquers are currently starting the first round of their battle to be Conqueror of Conquer Club

Cairns Coral Coast Masters
Organisers: Optimus Prime/ Gozar
With round one finished, the players are working hard in a attempt ot mak it to the third round.

Age of Realms: Age of Might Tournament
Organisers: Aerial Attack
The princes games are beginning in the quest to find our new king.

The World Leader's Assassin Tournament
Organisers: Gozar
The conference to choose the leader of Earth has just begun. Thirty-six leaders from around the globe have gathered to choose one of their own to lead. Each has a sinister agenda however: to assassinate the competition!

The Long Walk
Organisers: Gozar
Ten rounds are almost up and time for the second player to be eliminated. OutWorld currently trails in the standings, but with 10 games left to finish, it is too early to call.

Coming Soon...

Here are some tournament that noted tournament organisers are planing on running soon... :) I need your help to get this information, please PM spinwizard.

6 a Side Global Domination

Optimus Prime's Matrix of Power Invitational
Optimus Prime

The Tournament Roll of Honour

Here are some recent tournament winners! :D

PJ's Random Map Reprise- Ttd
TOP 250 Singles League- GloriousL
Global Warming Tournament- Wild_Tiger
TOP 500 Doubles League- ARTUR1 & SNUSLEPPA
Doodle Earth Standoff- Emmaspoppy
Fantastic Four: Media Circus- Godd & negoeien
Knights of the Round-Table- inonzuk

How to Organise a Tournament (2)

Here is the second edition of How to Organise a Tournament, here we will explain step by step how to organise and run your very own tournament, part 2 is about creating your first post.
(Tournament Handbook)
Part 2
So you have your tournament design worked out, now you want to post it ans start looking for players! I create my first post in the new post window as I can add colours and links easily, it also works well to do it in word, it depends how good your spelling is! Anyway, when creating your post, look at what other organisers have put for inspiration. This is the list of things that your post must include:
Game settings
Number of Players
Game Type
Extra Info (Deadbeats, ect.)

Some organisers like to put the information all in one big paragraph, others like to split is up with colourful headings and subheadings. Try both and decide which one you prefer.


This newsletter and heading were made by spinwizard, if you want to contribute to the making of further newsletters PM me or try writing articles to submit to me for publishing in future newsletters, I can't keep this running by myself, I need YOUR help! :D

To subscribe/ unsubscribe for the tournament newsletter, visit this thread.
Editor- spinwizard :)
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