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Issue 4 14/01/08

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Issue 4 14/01/08

Postby Gozar on Tue May 26, 2009 9:13 pm

Issue 4 14/01/08


Editor’s Note

I hope you all enjoyed the last issue. Some small improvements have been made in this issue, as well as some additions I think you will find interesting. I am always open to suggestions and comments so do not be afraid to let me know what you think.



Currently Taking Signups
Looking For Reserves
Tournament Updates
Coming Soon
The Tournament Roll of Honour
Interview with Optimus Prime
Next Issue

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Newsletter Circulation
The Conquer Club newsletter is now read in over eighty homes weekly, making it the most read, tournament-themed, Conquer Club newsletter.

Currently Taking Signups
Here are just some of the tournaments that are currently taking signups. Just click the title to visit the thread.

Solar System Invitational

HALO 3 Tourny

Doodle Earth MASSACRE

Around CC Four Player Edition
Premium Prize

King of the Hill - 2 vs. 1 Tournament!
Defend your right to be king with this 2 on 1 style game.

Player Choice Tournament – Quad
Organiser: Klupar
Play on your style

Amazing Race: USA
Organiser: Night Strike
This tournament will pit doubles teams in 6-player games. Points will be awarded based on team placement with the lowest 3 teams being dropped after each map. This tournament will include a storyline. :lol:

Hole in One Golf Tournament

Fantastic Four: Evil Rises
Organiser: amazzony
Third part of Fantastic Four tournaments is looking for a few players and a bunch of reserves. Come, be bad and fight for the win of the tournament and for 12 months of premium that goes with it.

Battle of the Ranks

Alien Invasion

Sports Tournament

Feudal Wars

Looking for Reserves

Fantastic Four: Evil Rises
Organiser: amazzony
Third part of Fantastic Four tournaments is looking for a few players and a bunch of reserves. Come, be bad and fight for the win of the tournament and for 12 months of premium that goes with it.

Tournament Updates
Here are how some of the currently ongoing tournaments are progressing. Just click the title to visit the thread.

Teams tournament
Organiser: amazzony
Tournament that consists of doubles and triples games is approx. half way through. Things are going slowly but surely forward and towards the end.

TO; Qualify, WC 2010 – CONMEBOL
Organiser: amazzony and MarVal
1 out of 6 Regions of major World Cup 2010 tournament is starting to end, namely South America. All games are in progress and in a week we'll have our 4 Coaches' names who qualified to the big World Cup 2010 final tournament where 1 out of 32 players will be the announced as the best soccer teams' coach in the world and he/she receives 6 months of premium for his/her efforts and skill.

TO; Qualify, WC 2010 – CAF
Organiser: amazzony and MarVal
African region is 1 game away to reach to Round 3 (final round) where 20 best Coaches will fight for qualifying to final tournament World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Only 5 of them will be successful.

TO; Qualify, WC 2010 – UEFA
Organiser: amazzony and MarVal
European Region is in the middle of first round (group stage). Betting offices are working with full speed to predict how this region will end. Everything is opened and everybody still has a chance to succeed and qualify to final tournament - World Cup 2010 South Africa.

Battle For Omaha
Organiser: amazzony
Final battle on D-Day: Omaha Beach! has taken place and in a tough battle, Tidan has snapped the first place in front of cazmart who fought his way to the final battle when beating third of this tournament, StrG8611.

North America vs. Europe vs. The World
The six advancing players are negoeien, chopsiu, befera, wolfmaster, Masli, and bonobo`s son.

The Foggy Tournament
The Foggy Tournament is in the Regional Playoff stage, with only Region 3 playoffs continuing.

The Battle for Supremacy
The Battle for Supremacy rages on with a few maps completed and champions crowned:
Duck and Cover champion Vader_09
WWII Iwo Jima champion carmacarl
Caribbean Islands champion Fancy_B

Heroes: Choose Your Power
Organiser: Night Strike
Most of the Round 1 divisions have a winner, but there are some that have some longer games and 1 active tie breaker.

Cairns Coral Coast Masters:
Organisers: Optimus Prime/ Gozar
Four divisions compete for premium membership, on maps designed by the tournament’s sponser, cairnswk.
Division One
Congratulations to smiteo and Gnome for qualifying for the final game. There is still one active round two game that needs to finish before the last round three game can start.
Division Two
Some round three games are up and running, but no finalists determined as of now.
Division Three
Congratulations to Zemljanin and jummy for qualifying for the finals. There is still one active round two game to finish before the final round three game can begin.
Division Four
Congratulations to psa3rvb for qualifying in the final game. Still two finalists remain to be determined.

The World Leader's Assassin Tournament
Organisers: Gozar
Day Two of the World Leaders Conference has now begun. It seems some leaders must be tired from yesterday’s events as they did not come down to breakfast….

The Long Walk
Organisers: Gozar
This elimination round has come down to the final game.

Battle Europe
Organisers: Gozar
The third installment of Gozar’s “Battle” series. Round two is currently underway, with some players already qualified for round three.

2008 Elections: President of Conquer Club
1st round - Survive the Senate - Underway
Unique format tournament where candidates have started their battle to become contenders for the Republican and Democratic nominations for President of Conquer Club.

Freedom is not Free
Round two has just begun. You can find out more by visiting the thread.

You’re Eliminated IV
The fourth installment of Godd’s 1v1 “You’re Eliminated” Series. Now entering the third round.

A Player’s Tournament
A new tournament from Godd, it will involve a variety of settings, and will be played mainly on the newer maps. It is now well into the first round.

Coming Soon

Here are some tournaments that noted tournament organisers are planning on running soon.

Series Tournament from soundout9
Tournament Idea: New series tournament! For anyone who can win constantly.
Look for it: The first month I will start is probably February

The Mod Wars from Night Strike
Look for it: Middle or end of January

The Tournament Roll of Honour

Here are some recent tournament winners.

”Battle for Omaha”-Tidan
”Doodle Earth Elimination”-Shaunchef
”Britain and Commonwealth vs. America”-Katy
”The CC World Championship”-Team Switzerland: field commander, nochance, FredericTheGreat, HolgerHerz, Dreamer
”The Best of the Best 3”-Bighab
”The Tournament Organiser’s Tournament”-BaldAdonis
”Ultimate Captain+ Doubles”-Big_Whiskey and nikola_miliki
”Disney Open Heroes”-Team Aladdin:reptile, michiganfan22, happy2seeyou
”12 Battles of Christmas”-dlayman21
”The Quick and Simple Tournament”-JeF
PJ's Random Map Reprise- Ttd

Interview with Optimus Prime
Welcome to the first installment of a series of interview with those in the tournament community. All questions are reader submitted, so if you have something you want to ask an upcoming organizer; PM me. Next week’s interview will be with Gilligan. If you have not submitted your questions, you have until Tuesday to either PM me, or post in this thread.
In two weeks, our interview will be with Steelhorse. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now, I have created this thread for that purpose.

Now, on with the interview.

Q:What made you want to start running tourneys?

A: I was looking for something a little different to use my time with here on the site. At the time I was only a non-premium member and so I needed a little something extra to fill my time with because I could only play four games at a time.

Q:Describe the experience of your first tournament ran and first played in.

A: The first tournament I ever ran still has not finished. It is the Battle for Middle Earth Tournament, and it has been in the final round for nearly 3 months or so. All of the games have turned into build games in that round and it is becoming somewhat frustrating. As for the first tournament I ever actually participated in, I believe it was the same one, but I got knocked out pretty early. I'm not the most amazing of players after all.

Q:How do you come up with so many ideas for tournaments?

A: Most of my ideas come to me at random times. For example, the other day a big and complicated idea came to me while sitting in my Shakespeare class. Sometimes I'll see another organizer running a tournament and think about how I could do something similar but with a little more flair and go with that idea. Although it usually winds up turning into something completely different.

Q:Which tournament (other than Point Grabbers) is the favorite that you've ran?

A: Overall, I think that my favorite would be Gasoline Crusades or The Allspark League.

Q:You run a lot of tournaments at the same time very smoothly. How much time do you spend per day... no... per week doing tournament stuff?

A: Usually I will do a major update to all of my tournaments at once every 2 or 3 days. If I can sit down uninterrupted it will take me about 90 minutes or so to finish all of them up. On occasion I'll take a little more time to work on things as I get ready to announce a new tournament, or want to look a few things up, but I would say I spend about 15-18 hours a week doing things for just my tournaments.

Q:If there was something that the Conquer Club administrators could implement into the game to make tournaments easier to manage, what would it be? Similarly, is there anything you would like to see taken away from Conquer Club to make running tournaments easier?

A: The biggest help for tournaments will be the forum upgrade to phpbb3.0 which should be coming soon hopefully. At the moment, I can't think of anything they should take away because if they did my life would just be more difficult.

Q:If you could change one thing about Conquer Club in general, what would it be?

A: I would like to see a little more color added to the basic appearance of the site. The grey/green/khaki feel is nice, but a little variety wouldn't hurt. :) Perhaps we'll see some of that with the forum upgrade.

Q:If you had to choose a different screen name what would it be?

A: I think there would be riots if I tried to do that.

Q:Why do you like Transformers? How long have you been a fan?

A: It is the only cartoon I can really remember from when I was growing up. Just the idea of my car turning into a cool robot really gets me going. I have a pretty active imagination, so Transformers seem to fit the bill pretty well.

Q:What is Megatron really like?

A: He really is a softie at heart, but he just feels like nobody appreciates him for who he really is. When nobody else is around he tends to open up a little more and you begin to understand what troubles his psyche and makes him do the things he does.

Q:Why do birds sing?

A: Because they don't want me to crush them in my steel fists.

Q:Any tournaments planned for the future?

A:What do you think? ;) Yes, I have about 15 in the works, but it will take a little while to get them all up and running. Now that I am a Tournament Director I have to pace myself a little more and can't do them all at once. I think everyone will enjoy them though. I have some quick and simple ones as well as some long and involved ones planned.

Next Issue

Interview with Gilligan Gilligan will answer reader submitted questions in our tournament interview series. If you have not submitted a question yet, you have until Tuesday, January 8th, to either PM me, or visit this thread.


If you want your tournament included in a future issue, please PM Gozar using this form:

Tournament Name: (with link)
Organiser Name:
Brief description or update:

You can also write articles to submit for publishing, I can't keep this running by myself, I need YOUR help!

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