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Issue 41: 29/09/08

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Issue 41: 29/09/08

Postby Gozar on Wed May 27, 2009 7:26 pm

Issue 41: 29/09/08



Hello, tournament fans, players and organizers.
I hope this installment of the newsletter holds something that interests you. As always, keep sending your submissions, and I will keep putting them in.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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XML + Callouts = News Hound

This weeks top stories..

New dynamic XML for Plugins and Script Writers, but what does it mean?

Callouts, recent changes is the Callouts forum!

Hi, I'm White Moose. Welcome to this weeks Issue of the News Hound.

lackattack, the owner of CC, has produced an interface for script writers to access the finished game logs of players without having to go through loads of AJAX calls. Basically it's a new dynamic XML for each player, which produces the entire game history for each individual players.
This might be hard to understand for people not familiar to coding and such, so we in the News Hound office will help you out.
Think of your games as cloths lying around in a room, clothes everywhere. Not easy to find what you are looking for, is it? You will find it eventually, but it will take some time. To fix this, lackatack got a wardrobe (New XML), where all the clothes will be put, so you can easy find what you are looking for.
This new dynamic XML has already come in use for chipv's Map Rank, and it has improved the speed of the plugin greatly.
To read more about the mentioned Map Rank, please visit this topic: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=64678

Our next top story is the changes in the Callouts.

The Callouts have gotten a few changes. Before it was Clan Recruitment, Clan Challanges and Games all in the same forum. The Clan Recruitment and Clan Challanges are now two subforums. This will improve the Callouts a lot; people who want to join a clan know where to look, and those looking for a clan challenge have their own corner to play in.

This is everything from the News Hound for now.

I'm White Moose saying... Have a nice day!

Do you have something that would make a great story? Please send your idea's to White Moose!


Want to organize a tournament but don’t know what to do? It’s all in the The Tournament Handbook!

spinwizard originally came up with the idea of the Tournament Newsletter. Then, it spread to the Foundry Newsletter!

Here are the tournaments that are currently taking signups. Just click the title to visit the thread.

Teams Tournaments

Fight Together, Die Alone
Organizer: Dragonah

Card Counting Team Challenge
Organizer: trigger467

Best of the Worst: Doubles Edition
Organizer: Mr_Adams

Team Open Challenge 1
Organizer: Boss_oss_ss

1 versus 1 Tournaments

U9’s Soccer Cup
Organizer: e_i_pi

World Maps 1v1
Organizer: coded

Got the Skill? II
Organizer: White Moose

General Tournaments

FIFA World Cup
Organizer: RAM16

Unanimous – Egyptian Maps
Organizer: max is gr8

King of Fantasy
Organizer: milner94

Prison Break!
Organizer: R0K0v

Every Single Setting: Classic
Organizer: TaCktix

American Dominators
Organizer: Lexitonia5

Hitman North America
Organizer: ralphcptc

Pass the Points 1
Organizer: Boss_oss_ss

Late Night Poker Tournament
Organizer: Risk_Killer_1

The Short Story of WWII
Organizer: Jerrytheman

CC Gaming Tour
Organizer: NoobX2000

Olympics Part 3: Fortius
Organizer: amazzony

Winner’s Round
Organizer: max is gr8

Drug Lord Hitman
Organizer: trigger467

Back to the Basics V
Organizer: Natewolfman

Red vs. Blue
Organizer: a.sub

Battle of the N00bs 3
Organizer: a.sub

Battle for Escalating Supremacy
Organizer: barterer2002

Longboredor’s Top Terminator Tournament 2
Organizer: longboredor

68th Kim Jong II’s Birthday Tournament
Organizer: kletka

Termination: Crossword
Organizer: amazzony

Captain Moo’s Challenge Tourney
Organizer: Captain Moo

Conquer Club World Cup
Organizer: sensfan

Ruler of Egypt
Organizer: grodanboll

War and Siege!: A Battle for the Castle
Organizer: Diamonds14

The Allrounders Tournament
Organizer: Boss_oss_ss

Super Mario 64
Organizer: Fire Mario
Needs reserves

Here are how some of the currently ongoing tournaments are progressing. Just click the title to visit the thread. Want your tournament listed here? Use the form at the end of this letter!

Asian Dinner Date
Organiser: PaulusH
Using a 5x5 windmill setup.
Update: Starter is served. As starter we have a Filipino delicacy: Balut.
Planned end date: January 11

The Legend of Tor Na’Mit
Organizer: Gozar
Round four should end early this week.

The Long Walk
Organisers: Gozar
All games before the next elimination are now running.

Eight In One Tournament Headquarters
Eight tournaments by different organizers, with the winners competing for a premium prize. Join one, or join them all, the choice is yours.
Gilligan's Bracket Tournament III
Hath has won.
lord voldemort's Double Elimination Delight
graulenst has won.
Natewolfman’s Lost in Translation Tournament
Round Four underway.
Sir. Ricco’s Mission – Survive the Longest V4.0
biscuit boy wins
Gozar’s Battle for Waterloo Tournament
1/8 games of the finals finished.
amazzony's Musical Chairs
EdwinG wins
barterer2002's Alien Invasion
EdwinG wins
jennifermarie’s The C-list
Standings update 30/04/08

Here are some tournaments that noted tournament organisers are planning on running soon.

"2008-09 College Hoops" season from flexmaster33
Starting soon with more than 100 available schools for the taking. It's a 1 vs. 1 tourney that runs from late-October and finishes with the March Madness bracket!!!

City Trip from PaulusH is negotiating with the last hotels
Using a 7x7 windmill setup. The idea is to visit with a group of 49 people in total 8 cities. Since 49 is to big to stay together we split up in 7 groups of 7 persons. In each city the 6 other people in your group will be different compared to earlier cities.

Double Trouble Tournament from samuelc812

Tournament ideas from the mind of barterer2002
Down and Dirty V
The Escalating Tournament II
The Championship Series

Here are some recent tournament winners.

"Foundry Update 4.0" -knighthawk
"t-o-m's Magical Adventure" -Nystateomind
"Crazy Dinner Date" -sooupy
"The Lucky 7s" -Ballenus
"Back the the Basics IV" -MEK
"The Final Point Grabbers" -negoeien
"The BeNeLux Open" - BlAckICE
"Championship Series: Australia" -killmanic
"License to Kill" - banana_hammocks
"World 2.1 Singles Knockout" -Jezboy
"Championship Series: Ancient Greece" -magneto_acolyte
"DC vs MarVal" -Supposesublys
"t-o-m's Tour of the Cities Bracket" -Diddy
"Super Power Arms Race" -Hado911
"Championship Series: Arctic" -Godd
"Heads Up Challenge" -MRB8276
"Championship Series: American Civil War" -dtellis
"Qwert Bracket Tournament" -JackofAllTrades
"The Player's Tournement" -Godd
"Bart's Joined Powers II" -MEK and BagwellTheGreat
"The Bachelor/Bacherlorette Tournament" -colson
"Bart's Joined Powers I" -ubcman64 and spoofer

This week we sat down for an interview with conquerAce.
Next week, our interview will be with the player and organiser, samuelc812. If you have any questions you can go post them in this thread.

Now, on with the interview!

Q: Hello, conquerAce.

A: Good day Gozar. After the first round of the Scavenger Hunt tournament I want to start calling you Goggles :mrgreen:

Q:How did you find this website?

A: My cousin told me about CC after we started playing the game on facebook.

Q: Why did you join CC?

A: I started playing the game online about a year ago now and I didn't like the secret alliances I was running into on facebook. When I tried out CC I loved the various maps and settings so I decided to give it a try. After seeing the forums and feedback system I liked it more so I got my premium.

Q:Why did you start to play tournaments?

A: I wanted a way to try out as many maps and settings without having to search for games. I figured tournaments was an easy way to achieve this

Q:What made you want to start running tournaments?

A: I was playing in one tournament and got kicked out for not joining my game in time. The tournament organizer didn't send out the notification to me or anyone else that got kicked out so I offered my assistance in running the tournament. I enjoyed organizing the communications for the tournament and everyone in it seemed to appreciate the work I was doing so I decided to start running the tournaments.

Q: How long have you been organizing tournaments?

A: My first official tournament started in April this year so that would be 5 months

Q:What tournament did you first run?

A: Officially License to Kill, Unofficially Battle for Pearl Harbor.

Q: Where did you come up with your tournament ideas?

A: I saw the concept in the Tournament Ideas thread and just added a few of my own twists.

Q: Who do you look to for inspiration when organizing your tournaments?

A: I look to all the tournament organizers out there to help me figure out the things I need to be doing to make my tournaments run better.

Q: Describe the experience of your first tournament ran, and first played in.

A: While running License to Kill I realized how hard it is for tournament organizers to get things done. There are plenty of steps in getting your first game created and I appreciated even more the work that everyone puts into the tournaments.

The first tournament I was in was LOST: Where Are You? and I was a replacement for my cousin. I made it to the finals and ran into some really good players. I learned plenty about playing the game and enjoyed it very much.

Q: How many tournaments have you run already, and do you have a goal in mind for how many you want to run in total before you "retire"? How many are you running right now?

A: I have only run one to date and currently running one. I was spending much of my time with other things on CC and after I finish these "all map" tournaments I'm in I plan to start running two tournaments at a time. I don't have a set number in my head but as long as there is interest in the concepts I will run the tournaments.

Q:What tournaments have you organized?

A: License to Kill and License to Kill II

Q:What is your favourite tournament you have run?

A: Only completed the one to date and I actually wish I could've participated in it but the way the tournament runs I can not participate :(

Q: What is your favorite tournament you’ve played in? Why?

A: I'd have to say Kill or be Killed. I love terminator games and when I saw this tournament I thought... this was made for me. A close second was the My House My Rules tournament.

Q:Do you prefer to run or enter tournaments?

A: I like both but found that I can't do both at the same time effectively.

Q: Is there a specific type of format that you tend to gravitate towards? Why? Is there a format that is your favourite?

A: No real format makes me join a tournament I just look at what's out there and if something tweaks my interest I take a look and join.

Q: Do you find it easier to choose tournament settings yourself, or to let the players customize them?

A: I like to have the settings common for all players but the idea of letting players pick their own maps is nice

Q: Overall, are you playing a lot in tournaments? If not, then why and where do you find your games to play?

A: I do play plenty of tournaments. Over 130 active games now mainly tournament games.

Q: How excited where you with your first CC win?

A: First felt pretty nice but it was a hollow victory, the officer in my game was a deadbeat and made it easy for me to roll over the other player.

Q:Have you ever won a tournament?

A: Yes one team and one singles

Q: What is your most disappointing tournament loss to date?

A: I'd have to say it was a game in the Ultimate Classic tournament that went over 200 rounds.

Q: In your mind, what makes a successful tournament?

A: A successful tournament is one that gets completed and a clear winner is decided without any controversy.

Q: What do you consider to be the most successful tournaments you've seen run?

A: I think that the My House My Rules tournament that mushin is currently running will be up there as one of the most successful tournaments.

Q: What makes a successful organizer?

A: I think an organizer has to be just that organized to have success. I've seen many tournaments with plenty of interest go by the wayside due to lack of organization.

Q: How do you attract players to your tournament, and what aspect (besides a reward of a premium prize or something like that) of a tournament do you think appeals to a lot of players and why?

A: Former players is a great method. If they were attracted to the settings once they will surly be attracted again right. I think giving players some control in what they are playing always has appeal.

Q: Is there anything in particular that you dislike about tournament organizing?

A: Haven't found anything yet, it's a labor of love :)

Q: For you, what is the best part of being a tournament organizer?

A: Seeing the tournament fill up, it means there are people out there that like what I'm doing.

Q: What mistakes do you see tournament organizers make the most?

A: I think that tournaments that get abandon due so because organizers underestimate the amount of work that is required to run the tournament.

Q: With experience comes the wisdom of knowing what mistakes you've made in the past so you can avoid them in the future. What mistakes have you made in your tournaments that you are sure to avoid in future tournaments?

A: I've already adjusted my tournament to allow for players to pick their own map. I think that it was an unfair advantage in the first installment of the franchise to randomly select the map. Many players were learning the map along with trying to stay alive.

Q:What is your opinion on organizer neutrality? Should organizers be allowed to place themselves against their own clanmates in tournaments? Should organizers be allowed to join their own tournaments at all?

A:I don't think that organizers should play in the tournaments. I feel like they are there to organize not play. If a decision needs to be made where the organizer is one of the players in a dispute where is the integrity of the decision going to come from?

Q: Do you use a "schedule" for updating your tournaments, or do you just wait until they need an update?

A: I usually check weekly to see if there is an update required. I like to give a status on how the games are going.

Q:Should “question marks” be allowed to join tournaments?

A: New recruits are only new because they haven't played enough games. As long as they understand the commitment required to participate then I don't see why not.

Q:Do you feel it is better to give a bye to players whose opponents deadbeats the tournament, or to use a reserve?

A: I like to use reserves but as long as there is an understanding to what the rule is either is fine.

Q: If you could change one thing about Conquer Club in general, what would it be?

A: I think that everything is fine and the direction that the clans are going with the ladder is the only thing that I would've suggested.

Q: If there was something that the Conquer Club administrators could implement into the game to make tournaments easier to manage, what would it be? Similarly, is there anything you would like to see taken away from Conquer Club to make running tournaments easier?

A: I think that it would be nice to have a standard tool kit for organizers. A way to post standings, brackets, point totals... that sort of thing. Everyone that is doing it now uses images mainly but there must be a better way, I'm not sure what it is but there has to be a better way.

Q: Is there anything that you would recommend to encourage new tournament organizers?

A: I think that there are plenty of people that have jumped into the organizing role. The medals that are offered seems to be incentive enough for most.

Q: List your top 5 biggest tournament headache's to this point

A: Posting standings takes the first 5 spots!

Q:How much time does CC take from your day?

A: I'd say 25 hours :mrgreen:

Q:Are you a member of any clans or usergroups?

A: I was a member of ++The Legion++ but stepped away to do other things.

Q:Who are you?

A: My name is Fred and I'm a CCholic

Q: Why did you pick the name conquerAce?

A: I play poker for a living and it seemed to fit...

Q:Where are you from?

A: I live in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Q:Favourite play colour?

A: I like green

Q:Favourite and least favourite map?

A: I've won on them all but have the fewest kills on Puget Sound so I'll say that. For my favourite, I will say US Senate because it's the first map I won in a tournament. :o

Q:Favourite settings?

A: Terminator/Flat/Foggy

Q:Freestyle or sequential?

A: Sequential

Q: Any tournaments planned for the future? What are they?

A: Yes I'm planning on running a tournament using the Assassin setting.

Q: Any parting shots?

A: Just a shout out to ++The Legion++ best up and coming clan in CC, woo goo!!!

Q: Thank you for your time.


News Hound The News Hound examines the first CC sanctioned tournament; The CC Olympics.

Interview with samuelc812 samuelc812 will answer your questions in our tournament interview series.



If you want your tournament included in a future issue, please PM Gozar using this form:

Tournament Name: (with link)
Organiser Name:
Brief description or update:
Rough estimate of percent complete/signed up:

You can also write articles to submit for publishing, I can't keep this running by myself, I need YOUR help!

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