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Issue 53: 26/12/08

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Issue 53: 26/12/08

Postby Gozar on Wed May 27, 2009 7:33 pm

Issue 53: 26/12/08



Hello, tournament fans, players and organizers.
Happy holidays! If you are looking to pass the time during the break, why not check out a tournament?
As always, if you have any ideas or just want to help out, drop us a line.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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Our latest poll is still running. Please stop by the Suggestion Thread and vote.

How did you come to play in tournaments?


Steelhorse wrote:Seasons greetings and happy holidays to our friends in the Tournament Community.

On behalf of Night Strike, Natewolfman, and Gilligan, I would like to wish all of you a safe and Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, or whichever holiday you celebrate.

The holiday season is a time to celebrate and give thanks for those things that mean the most to you and share them with friends and family.

One of the things the Tournament Staff is thankful for is that we have a world-wide extended family all connected by one thing...the love of creating and playing in Tournaments that everyone can partake in and enjoy.

I wish each of you a safe and prosperous New Year.


Well that’s all from me for this weeks News Hound, I hope you have enjoyed this weeks issue.
If you have an idea for a good story please feel free to PM samuelc812


Who was the first person to obtain the maximum amount of Tournament Contribution medals? Optimus Prime was!

Here are the tournaments that are currently taking signups. Just click the title to visit the thread.

Teams Tournaments

Super Triples Tournament
Organizer: LB Ninja

Christmas Doubles
Organizer: kratos644

1 versus 1 Tournaments

Cundy Comp I: Feudal War
Organizer: Cundy

The League
Organizer: BaldAdonis

Fantastic Four: First Battle
Organizer: amazzony

General Tournaments

One Chance to Assassinate
Organizer: coded

Continental Champions
Organizer: sammy324

Pokemon Diamond
Organizer: Zoebear1

Champion of Iceland
Organizer: negoeien

The N Tournament
Organizer: ydeb

Grand World Marathon
Organizer: Tupence

Thinking 8 Thoughts or 2
Organizer: megadeth666

Masters of Assassination
Organizer: ManBungalow

Win them All Tourney
Organizer: spidey

Quest for the Pick of Destiny
Organizer: joe cool 360
For my second tournament ever, I have crafted an epic quest for the one true Pick of Destiny: an all-out battle that spans the globe and beyond.
Rough estimate of percent complete/signed up: 4/112

Race 1
Organizer: moneymatt

Schwournes’ World Tour
Organizer: Schwournes

Very Different C.S. Tournament
Organizer: Tupence

Twiztid’s Terminator II
Organizer: psychobkrazy

Monopoly Tournament
Organizer: ydeb

New Year’s Resolution Revolution
Organizer: JoJo123

The Conquest League
Organizer: gimil

European League and Champion’s League
Organizer: doochbagbill

Poker Tournament Hold Em
Organizer: max is gr8

Conquer the Globe[b]
[b]Organizer: the.killing.44

Quick and Simple Tournament 3
Organizer: banana_hammocks

America’s Tournament
Organizer: Schwournes

City Mogul Series: Assassinator
Organizer: Natewolfman

Overlord of Europe
Organizer: theconquerer1995

The Grand Oasis Tournament
Organizer: murphy16

City Mogul Series: Fast Track
Organizer: Natewolfman

16 Player Tournament
Organizer: Tea leaves

Here are how some of the currently ongoing tournaments are progressing. Just click the title to visit the thread. Want your tournament listed here? Use the form at the end of this letter!

Asian Dinner Date
Organiser: PaulusH
Using a 5x5 windmill setup.
Only 9 people still drinking tea

City trip
Organiser: PaulusH
Using a 7x7 windmill setup.
Last group left Pearl
No group yet in Berlin
Planned end date: 1 March

Trippel Trappel
Organiser: PaulusH
Using a 6x6 windmill setup
Several people did sing a rather nice first song, others can improve

The Legend of Tor Na’Mit
Organizer: Gozar
Holiday break.

The Long Walk
Organisers: Gozar
All games before the next elimination are now running.

Eight In One Tournament Headquarters
Eight tournaments by different organizers, with the winners competing for a premium prize. Join one, or join them all, the choice is yours.
Gilligan's Bracket Tournament III
Hath has won.
lord voldemort's Double Elimination Delight
graulenst has won.
Natewolfman’s Lost in Translation Tournament
KidWhiskey Wins
Sir. Ricco’s Mission – Survive the Longest V4.0
biscuit boy wins
Gozar’s Battle for Waterloo Tournament
6/8 games of the finals finished.
amazzony's Musical Chairs
EdwinG wins
barterer2002's Alien Invasion
EdwinG wins
jennifermarie’s The C-list
Hath wins

Here are some tournaments that noted tournament organisers are planning on running soon.

From PaulusH: Mac Dinner Date

From amazzony: Fantastic Four Quads Tournament - End of December/Start of January

From keiths31:In keeping with the "Musical Chairs" theme there will be:
Musical Chairs: Mini Maps
Musical Chairs: North American City Tour

Tournament ideas from the mind of barterer2002 in the New Year
Gilligan's Islands
The Serbian Conquest
Kaplowitz's Unrelated Tournament
God of Godds
Night Sticks and Stones
Down and Dirty V
Brothers in Arms

7 Man Madness From Gilligan
January 1, 2009

Here are some recent tournament winners.

"Twiztid's Terminator" -japser_be
"Around All CC's Maps: American Civil War" -MEK
"Supermax Breakout" -killmanic
"Poker Heads Up" -Reptile
"1v1 Tournament With a Twist" -chopsiu
"GameZZone HOMM" -bonus_mop
"Around All CC's Maps: Age of Merchants" -zissou2
"Pirate Master: Italy" -Ghost_Rider
"Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" -gameplayer
"The Bombardment Tournament" -taxmanjle
"41 Maps Tournament" -Vexx
"Canadian Classics Tournament" -Parmenid
"Blitz's Annual Masters Triples Tournament" -Seulessliathan, Benjikat is Dead, Velvecarrots
"Greatest Baseball Team" -magneto_acolyte
"Around All CC's MAps: Arctic" -Stroop
"Stephen's First 1v1 Tournament" -Jakegreer
"Terminator Madness, Kill To Win" -Gilligan
"There Can Only be One: Terminator" -PHALIM
"Around All CC's Maps: Asia" -coacheberhardt
"CC Season Championship III" -Colossus
"Charleston Wars" -Soldier4Christ
"Arms Race" -White Moose
"Extreme Global Warming 1v1" -Nikola_Miliki
"Planet Wars" -negoeien
"Oasis Doubles Tournament" -killmanic and White Moose
"Wrestling Tournament" -sapato
"12 Battles of Christmas" -HighlanderAttack
"Termination: Crossword" -ZionT
"JR's 1v1 Challenge I" -prismsaber
"Blitz Masters Quads Tournament" - Benjikat is Dead, Lt. Pie, Waseemmalim, Velvecarrots
"Battle for Madagascar 1v1" -negoeien
"Around All CC's Maps: Alexanders Empire" -pogophiles
"Northern Europe Maps 1v1" -topper
"Around All CC's Maps: Ancient Greece" -Blitzaholic
"AOM Singles" -demonfork
"2008 Sprint Cup Series" -aspalm
"Foundry Update 6.0" -killmanic
"Around All CC's Maps: Australia" -zissou2
"Best Movie Ever, CC Edition" -gehrem
"Just Win a Game II" -BENJIKAT IS DEAD
"Subprime Crisis 2008" -gunner1980
"AOR 3 Singles 1v1 2500+" -DBandit70
"King of Merchant" -blitzaholic, davidwain, nephilim
"2500+ Midkemdil 1v1" -White Moose
"Around All CC's Maps: Africa" -elmerfudd


Stay tuned in future issues for another interview!


Interviews Interview with Japs



If you want your tournament included in a future issue, please PM Gozar using this form:

Tournament Name: (with link)
Organiser Name:
Brief description or update:
Rough estimate of percent complete/signed up:

You can also write articles to submit for publishing, I can't keep this running by myself, I need YOUR help!

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