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ferrarifeleches finn [ka]

Postby lencollard on Wed Dec 01, 2021 5:48 pm



The accused are suspected of:

Other: <colluding to let one win>

Game number(s):
Game 21328704



I think that two competitors in my game colluded. Below is a copy of the message I sent to the fourth competitor.

The competitors:
color userID status
red ferrarifeleches second best, few spoils, few new troops
green snowocean weak, many spoils, few new troops
blue lencollard strongest, few spoils, many new troops
yellow finn weak, many spoils, few new troops

Here was the setting. I was winning big time. I had just attacked yellow leaving him with only two troops, one on each of two territories. He had a spoils set of 20, deployed them, then started to attack the second strongest competitor (red) who had a stack of 5. He started an attack (because the stack dropped to 3), then waited one-half hour before proceeding. (I happened to watch him. I almost sent him a Chat telling him that he only had one hour to complete his move.)

He had to go through that stack of 5 to get at green. He conquered the India sub-continent, but did not stop there. He attacked then finished by attacking the next weakest competitor (green) who also had a lot of spoils. He left that competitor with only 9 troops on the board. He even had to attack a stack of 5 that green had.

Red (the second strongest) only got 9 fresh troops, but he had others in the vicinities and was able to finish green and get all his spoils, then attack yellow and get all his spoils. There was no good reason for yellow to attack green like that after he conquered India.

That one-half hour delay could have been enough time to communicate with red.

“#21328704 In our game, it was very suspicious that yellow started his last move by making one attack on red, then waiting one-half hour. All the rest of his moves were to attack you (which was very strange in and of itself). Red got very few new troops, so the table had to be set for him to eliminate you.”
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Re: ferrarifeleches finn

Postby king achilles on Thu Dec 02, 2021 11:03 pm

If you were winning big time, it would not be surprising if the remaining players would try hard to weaken you to give themselves a chance. That one-half hour delay of finishing his turn that you are referring to could also have been some lag issues on his part or he had to do something right in the middle of his turn? There just a number of possibilities of what could have happened. They have also have not played any game together until this game. This is still far fetched to verify they had any secret collusion in the game. I would have to clear this.
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