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Welcome to Tools And Enhancements! PLEASE READ!

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Welcome to Tools And Enhancements! PLEASE READ!

Postby chipv on Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:45 pm

Welcome To Tools And Enhancements

What is this department?

This is a place to discuss anything technical related to Conquer Club particularly with using CC Tools.
Ask questions, make suggestions, report bugs on anything related to CC Tools and how to get things to work.
Please check to see if a similar post exists before making a new thread.

General technical questions outside the scope of an individual tool (e.g. greasemonkey/tampermonkey not working) can be asked in the forum below. This could be anything from problems after a browser upgrade or CC update, to greasemonkey not working.


What does this department do?

The team:

The team will do its best to answer any questions here , point you in the right direction if needed, and help out in general on technical issues.
The team will do its best to scour around the forums (particularly Bugs) and bring back relevant technical questions here if appropriate.
Of course if the answer is better placed where the original post is then that's what will happen.
That will mean this department will be a central place to come and find solutions to various problems as well as useful Tools.
This department will also be looking after the Bug Reports Forum.

What does the department not do?

What is not done here is site Suggestions , that is handled by the Suggestions forum.

If you have a suggestion and it is better placed within a tool it will be moved here.
If you report a bug and it turns out to be a script fault, then it will be moved here.

Same goes vice-versa, if we get site suggestions or site bugs they will be moved to the main Suggs or Bugs forum.

One final suggestion is to search through Archives if you can't find anything you need.
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