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Chat Enhancement Suggestion For BOB

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Chat Enhancement Suggestion For BOB

Postby judge_reinhold on Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:49 pm

Since BOB already uses the chat for snaps, I thought maybe this idea would be a good addition to BOB.

I'm thinking of a way to filter the public in-game chat by sender/recipient.

Currently, you just type your recipient's name (or color) to direct chat at them. But nefarious opponents sometimes flood your message right out of chat.

But if I could, say, uncheck a "sender" box next to that person's name, and hide all of their chat, then I wouldn't have to sift through it.

If all boxes under "recipient" are unchecked, except mine, then I can see just the chats sent from that person to me.

This wouldn't even need to use Chinese, like snaps do. A chat from me to a particular opponent could look like this:

2013-11-04 14:56:42 - judge_reinhold:(to rhp 1 ~~ yellow) Hey get out of America or I'll nuke you.

Javascript could hide/show lines approrpiate lines. Sender is taken care of already. Recipient and filtering are the only things that BOB would have to handle.

What do you think?
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