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Tournament Scoring Tool - Live Scoring

Postby ch0rn on Fri May 13, 2016 12:39 pm

What the hell is this ? .. It's a tournament scoring tool/ Live scoring utility. You can either setup a link to have live scoring for a tournament, or you can get clean BBcode tables to copy/paste scoring, or both.

Setup URL:

From this URL you can either enter a tournament name, or you can enter a comma separated list of games.

Example: using it to score this currently ongoing tournament : "Random 666 - Standard" ... 0&showBB=1

When you setup one of these URL's it can be shared as a "Live Scoring" link. You can also use a URL shortening service for an easier link like this: (a bunch of free URL shortening services out there)

    Live scoring,
    Score Resets (Based on game labels)
    Copy/Paste BBcode Tables
    Excel exports

Adjustable Scoring Options:
    Points Per win
    Bonus points per kill
    Bonus points for first kill of game
    Bonus points for "streak" kills (2nd,3rd,4th etc. kill in a row)
    Bonus points for winning by objective
    Bonus points for winning by round limit (Can be negative points)
    Bonus points for kills before a specified round*
    Option to adjust points based on how many players are in each game (For tournaments with different game sizes in each round)

Tie Breaker Options:
    Average Rounds Per win
    Number of "first kills"
    Number of "streak kills"
    Fastest Win
    Number of "First Deaths"
    Total number of rounds survived*

Sample Copy/Paste BBcode:

Game info:

Misc Notes:
    Scoring/Data for anything that requires a round will not work for any games archived previous to 4.1.2016 (Rounds survived, WIns by Rounds, kills before x round) - BigWham was kind enough to make a change to the API to include round information in the XML output, but it was too costly to apply those changes to all historical data. So, even in the example I posted above, you will see that in Stage 1 the Rounds survived data is incorrect, those games were started before the changes to the API took effect.*

    Most of my testing has been with standard games, I have done a little testing with team games and poly games but not extensive.

    Point per player scoring - This feature will adjust the scoring by multiplying the points per win by the number of people in each game. This would be useful for tournaments where you want games with more people to have a heavier weight than games with less people.

    Sorting - You can select up to 6 sorting selections. These will be your tie breakers. Choose them in order of importance.

    Scoring Resets - This feature works by using game labels, only tested with tournament games. I will use the Random 666 - Standard tournament again for my example. In that tournament there are 6 stages. Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, etc. Those are the values I enter as my game labels when setting up the tournament. If I know I want to have the score reset on any stage, I would then add a "Game Label" on the setup page for each instance where I want a reset.

    example output: ... 0&showBB=1

    In this example... the script will automatically find people who are participating in "Stage 2" (or greater) since that is what I entered. And it will show their scores since Stage 2 started.

    You can enter multiple resets, it will ignore them until there are actually active games in the most recent reset label, and it will only show the most recent reset.

    Tips: Use unique labels for each phase of the tournament. Be careful of typos, any change to labels in your tournament is seen as a "stage" change in this script.

I have done a bunch of testing on this tool but I it's always possible there are flaws, I will fix them as they are reported. Please feel free to PM me any errors, if you could also copy/paste the URL to me in the PM it will help with troubleshooting the problem. Thanks to bigWham for making updates to the API, and thanks to Dukasaur for answering tons of questions and helping with testing.

*Update 5/31/2016

A couple of options were removed 5/31/2016 due to a mis-understanding about how the API works. When a game is archived (7 days after it is over), round information is no longer stored in the API. I mis-understood this to mean games archived before this tool was created, but it was actually any game that is ever archived. This would cause any data that relies on a specific round an event occurred to become inaccurate after the game is over for 7 days. This won't greatly effect the tool overall, but it will limit future custom scoring options. Only 2 options were effected currently, Kills before round X, and the tie breaker for total rounds survived.

Anyone interested in a demo of this, There is currently a tournament playing out using the scoring tool. viewtopic.php?t=218394
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