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Assassin Reminder

Postby ch0rn on Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:51 pm

I doubt I am the only idiot who kills the wrong person in Assassin games by accident all the time. Playing a lot of games, it's very easy to overlook that a specific game is Assassin.

There may be more effective or "cleaner" ways to do this, but here is a very quick, free and easy solution for anyone else having this problem.

Install Chrome extension : (Custom Javascript.. Or any other similar extension, probably dozens of them.)
Tested on chrome, but I am sure they have similar extensions for any browser that has extensions. Just search for any extension that allows you to add javascript to a page.

When installed, go to conquerclub website, click on the extension and add this custom code for

Code: Select all
if ($("span[title=\"Game Type\"]").text()=="AssassinAssassin")
{alert("This Game is Assassin!  Don\'t kill the wrong player!");}

Now when you enter any Assassin game, you will get a popup reminding you the game is Assassin.
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