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Saved Searches For Internet Explorer Script

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Saved Searches For Internet Explorer Script

Postby chipv on Fri Jun 27, 2008 8:49 pm

Conquer Club Saved Searches for IE

Please keep this thread for Internet Explorer issues only

This is a rewrite of the firefox version so any issues please report immediately, thanks.

What does it do
There is now the ability to save game finder selections used for searches so you don't have to keep selecting the
same checkboxes over and over for finding games.
There is a new button "Bookmark Search" next to the Search button at the bottom of the game finder.
When you finish your selections press this button and you can give a name for this search.
Now you will see a list of saved searches with Run, Load , and Delete links next to each one.
Run will execute the search. Load will load the same selections but not execute. Delete will remove from save list.
If you label a search as "DEFAULT" in capitals then this will autoload in the gamefinder.

Follow the instructions on setting up IE for scripting on this thread
IE7Pro Script Installation

Once you are set up, you can install IE7Pro scripts.

Now you can just click on this link and Install Saved Searches

It will prompt for installation. Continue till the end. Now you need to include it in the scripts that IE7Pro is to run on:

Go to Tools->IE7Pro Preferences and go to User Scripts as in the instructions.
Click on Reload Page and you can now check the Conquer Club - Saved Searches box:


If you get this far, Saved Searches will now run after the next page reload.

Remove Blocker on The Bookmark Search Prompt

Internet Explorer comically puts a security block on prompts which is part of the script so to disable the annoying blocker whenever you press the Bookmark Search button:

Go to Tools->Internet Options->Security.
Click on Trusted Sites. Click on the Sites button.
Uncheck the Require server verification checkbox
Add which makes Conquer Club a trusted site so that the blocker is removed.
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Re: Saved Searches For Internet Explorer Script

Postby Soloman on Sat Jun 28, 2008 3:01 pm

works great thank you chip...
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