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Android App

Postby Zivel on Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:15 pm

I made a post in the other forum:


and realised that it should really be here. I have also got a keyboard attached now to my tablet so I can type a bit more. but I see a huge gap in the market that cc have not taken. The devs here could open up cc to a whole new market by adding an app that makes the CC playstyle from a touch screen a whole lot easier and add widgets to the android UI that allows us to check what games we have going. This would bring in all those new people with tablets etc to use the site and access the games. At the moment have no right or left click to move troops on the map is annoying, takes me back a year or two to before that was introduced. Also not having a widget on my desktop that tells me when I have a game ready is a major gap in the market. Also having the app have the map fight the whole screen and rotate as nessecary would be great. I am sure the devs could think of other funcionality to the app to make the CC experience so much better for those of us with a tablet or phone.

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