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See timer for another active player's games

Postby agentcom on Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:00 pm

Since we have watch this game, I assume it would be possible to combine the functionality of the My Watched Games page with the site's search functionality, so that you could see a single player's games as if they were your own.

There are a bunch of ways to do this. First one I was thinking of was another button on their profile (like what MapRank puts on there) that says "So-and-so's My Games Page" or something like that.

Right now, when I'm sitting/watching, I have to add all the games to the one, single My Watched Games tab and things kind of start to be a mess.

Oh and same could go for tournaments ... but I'm not sure the best place for that button. Maybe an enhanced search option from the game finder page.
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