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Viewing rolls

Postby JdeV 100 on Sun May 05, 2013 10:01 am

Of course since I am not a coder it is easy to make suggestions - I think CC is great as it is so if what I suggest as a possible enhancement is non-viable or unwanted please take it as a humble musing.
I would sometimes like to be able to review my rolls directly and not through the stats, but more than that, and as in a real-life board game, I would like to see what my opponents are rolling. I know it isn't vital and doesn't affect the outcome, but it is reassuring to look back and see both the good and bad rolls especially given some opponents who never miss an opportunity to ham it up! It is also such a common topic on these forums that surely it would lay a lot of misgivings to rest. To minimise data issues perhaps this could just be saved for each round or 1 day or even for a few minutes before being erased. I can think of several ways in which this could either be laid out on the game page or accessible through the stats page or both, but rather than get specific when I don't know how anything works, just thanks for reading this and please let me know if it seems like a possible enhancement of the game or perhaps an extension.
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Re: Viewing rolls

Postby ender516 on Sun May 05, 2013 8:44 pm

Sadly, this cannot be implemented as an add-on or script, which is the purpose of this part of the CC forum. I will direct you to the Suggestions topic related to ideas like this: viewtopic.php?f=704&t=676
Unfortunately, that suggestion has been moved to the Rejected Suggestions pile. Suggestions that stall in the forum are liable to be rejected, even if there was no opposition, in order to keep the number of active suggestions manageable. The changes required for this update were discussed by lackattack (the former proprietor of CC) back in 2006, but were never implemented.
You can still post about this idea, but getting any action on it will likely take some work. I will ask a Global Moderator to merge this topic to that one.
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