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Programming Link to invite players after creating a game

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Programming Link to invite players after creating a game

Postby DaveH on Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:01 pm

When you create a game you get a message saying "Success.....Created game etc" followed by the game number.

If the game number were linked so that if you click on it you could go directly to that game, you could then simply invite the players directly rather than go through the process of copying the game number and then performing a find. The above programming change will therefore be an improvement in certain conditions where you are creating individual games.

Usually, as a TO, multiple games are created and then they are all found collectively to enter the players or write a pm to send joining instructions. However there are tournaments such as two of mine Conquer Club Poker Tournament and Noughts and Crosses where games are created individually and players then need to be invited. The above would greatly simplify the process.

Also, when players mis-join and you have to create a replacement game, it would also be an improvement.
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