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Escalating Yugoslavia

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Escalating Yugoslavia

Postby Eddygp on Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:53 pm

I am currently playing in Game 12129009 and I have decided to head for Bosnia and Vojvodina in order to later attack Serbia. Am I playing correctly or is my strategy too diffused? I will be using Doboj as a control point so as to control the main enemy flow, but I think it may be too risky to do so. The fact that there is no official guide for the Yugoslavia map makes me ask for help here which would have been included in the guide otherwise.
Basically, should I change my strategy and go for Dubrovnik and Montenegro before coming in Vojvodina, or is my defensive strategy good enough to have opportunities to win? I also bear in mind this is escalating, and I am building up spoils now (why didn't I make it with nuclear spoils?).
Thank you.
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Re: Escalating Yugoslavia

Postby Jippd on Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:32 pm

I see you lost so I'm guessing the strategy didn't work out. The name of the game for escalating spoils is troop preservation. You want to maintain access to the weakest target while limiting your opponents abilities to have access to that weak player. When cashes get high enough cash and kill so you can recash and run the board. Bonuses often mean nothing in escalating games, especially with a smaller map like yugo
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