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Re: Dice Psychology

Postby Viceroy63 on Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:01 pm

HardAttack wrote:
Viceroy63 wrote:
macbone wrote:I just attacked a 3v9 and killed 8 straight. The dice are bizarre sometimes.

And perhaps if you had 4v9 then you would have been completely successful. ;)

this/your signature/ only shows 8 evolution steps from the first to now...
i wonder what it looked like before 8 steps :lol:

[This is a joke. Please no one get offended :lol:]

Well, first you have your average monkey. That's the first one with the tail. Then you have an Orangutan "Clive" followed by Nape, the Ape which leads us to "Magilla" Gorilla. That's when Evolution really began to pick up with the Homo's; First you have the "Cave man" (Homo Hobbitus), They lived in caves or holes in the grounds. They are mostly all found living in what is known today as< "the Shire" and it is said that a great wizard "Gendalf the grey" protects these so called shirefolks. Next we have Cromagnum man or as they have been more commonly known in the hit television series, Sliders, as Cromags "Homo Portalis." Apparently this species did not become extinct but simply slid through some kind of dimensional portal gateway and were unable to get back to this earth. It is reported that they are happily conquering the earth's of other dimension's and given enough time will figure out which earth is ours and come to conquer us as well.

Then we have, Neanderthal man or Neo-Man, "Homo-Erectus." It is said that they hung around on the planet for some 30,000 years or so about 10,000 years ago and yet in all that time never managed to really create anything greater than cave art (Today we call it Grafiti) and simple tools like a Rock they found and used as a hammer to kill off the bugs eating off of their foods. They did not make any trains, planes or automobiles. No cellphone technology in fact no technology of any kind for 30,000 years. Some speculate that they were waiting for something? They nearly wipe out the roach species population and almost brought them to extinction but then mysteriously became extinct themselves. For a species as intelligent as the Neanderthals, with all of their art and tools, and who lived on the planet for as long as they did, they surely did not accomplish much to be proud of.

And finally we have Modern Man or "Homo Stupidus." This species in only 6,000 years of recorded history on the planet from a very humble beginning spread to a population so far of almost 8 Billion People on the planet. They've created great cultures and civilizations and such technology as to get high into earth's orbit into outer space. Or just get high! Period. After surviving a world wide flood about 44 hundred years ago, they vowed to have so much sex that should the species ever be wiped out, that it would have been worth it to die while having sex. And yet they created the atomic bomb and MAD "Mutually Assured Destruction" and threatened their own existence on the planet that they claim to love so much and make so much love in. For an intelligent species they prefer to live in ignorance of the truth and to wallow in the shallows of lies and deception.

All kinds of deceptions and all kinds of lies. This species does not discriminate when it come to lies and deception or who says them, if you have a lie to tell we'll vote you into the presidency of the United States of America damn it. It just better be a damn good lie like bringing our army boys home from Iraq or health care reform or some shit like that. And the biggest lie around which an entire industry of science is base upon is the lie known as, "The Theory of Evolution!" Wow! That man descended from apes. Oh, not modern apes, just a form of common ancestry which we all share together and that we have yet to find any evidence of. As if to say, There is nothing special about man, we are just stupid animals who simply manage to be smart enough and stupid enough, both at the same time.

In only 6,000 years we have accomplished much shame to our name. But of all the species mentioned, the Cromags are the best Risk players of all. :lol:
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Re: Dice Psychology

Postby HardAttack on Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:08 pm


very welldone :lol:
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