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Re: THE NEW WORLD map help............HELP!!!!

Postby ZeekLTK on Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:33 am

codierose wrote:
ZeekLTK wrote:This is one of my favorite maps. IMO the best way to play is to try to grab as much land and therefore as many bonus troops as possible. Try to figure out where your opponent(s) are and STAY AWAY from them. Sweep up as many neutral lands as possible and THEN go after the humans when you are getting 2-3 times as many troops as they are per turn. Eventually you will simply outnumber them so much that they won't stand a chance.

hmm no no and no

lol why not? It's a numbers game - if you are getting like 20-30 troops per turn and your opponent is only getting 7-11, then it's only a matter of time until you overwhelm him.

It works though. According to the search feature - I've played this map 7 times on a variety of settings. I've won 5 of those games and of the ones I lost: one was a 1v1 where my opponent took 11 territories on his first turn while I was only able to take 4 - aka he used the same strategy and took such a big lead early that I couldn't catch up.

The other loss was a team game where they started with shared borders and we did not, so they could fortify each other and we couldn't, kind of made it very difficult from the start because of that. This also meant we were more focused on linking up rather than grabbing land, and weren't able to take as much as we wanted.

So basically, from my experience, the "land grab strategy" has won most of the games I've played and when I've lost, it's been because I wasn't able to grab as much land as I wanted.
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