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Heroes Meets CC... Kings Court II Triumphs

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:46 am
by iLflankU
Whats up?!
I personally love Heroes, D&D and chess. Put them together and you get maps like Conquer Man, Age of Realms and Feudal War. But I think I found a new favorite... Kings Court, and the beta sequel Kings Court II has started a new saga in CC. The hexagonal maps, roads, castles, resources, & special characters have sparked my interest like a newbie in the womb.

It's here!
Kings Court II has a charming theme, uniquely designed strategy and unheard of replay value. Unlike most maps where they do their best to create a map that is equal in every way, KC2 has deliberately given pros/cons to every drop. These drops do not dictate your plan of attack or strategy. They simply allow for the builders to build, the warriors to charge and the explorers to travel.

Whats Next???
Imagine the KC2 in a much larger format. One with a huge map in which you truly explore the terrain, i.e. Heroes. One direction can lead to treasure (a gold mine defended by golems -neutrals of 5+ that auto deploys +3) and the other to forgotten kingdoms (bands of orcs -neutrals of 10+ defending a lost castle with an auto deploy of 7. And that castle is in constant fog until you defeat it!). Imagine moats around castles and swamp lands that return to neutral after your turn (Atrayou!!! Not the swamps of sadness?!). Think about maps where you have miniature quests, overtaking a port on the seas on one side of the world while attaining Medusa's head (having a random generated neutral every turn, signifying her presence and her henchmen in the lair) on the other. Whats the benefit? An auto deploy of 2 on all your coastal territories? Who knows!?

I have to give the creators of KC2 a standing ovation and encourage more maps. Bring on the Heroes game-play, miniature quests, and exploratory landscapes!

Give it a thumbs up (or Hazaaaa!) if you like the map!!!

iLflankU will get you from the back side... dont sleep

Re: Heroes Meets CC... Kings Court II Triumphs

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:22 pm
by x-raider
Hazaaaa! Coz I like the map... and Thumbs up for the review.

The map in the foundry: Kings Court II By Kabanellas