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Pearl Harbor Strategy

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:32 am
by Crazy Frog
I wrote this article awhile back to explain the game to people who did not understand the map... I would like to offer it for use in the Official Strategy Guides: ... arl-Harbor

Re: Pearl Harbor Strategy

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 10:08 am
by 72o
Can you copy and paste the text so I don't have to go to some external site that my work anti-virus claims is malicious?

Re: Pearl Harbor Strategy

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:43 pm
by aad0906
1. Go first.
2. Win.

Really, especially in 1 vs 1 if both players are even remotely capable, the person that starts wins (by taking planes and AA so the opponent has little or no bonuses left when he starts the turn).

Re: Pearl Harbor Strategy

PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:27 pm
by Crazy Frog
Who on earth plays Pearl Harbor in 1 vs 1 games? Its far more interesting with 6-8 players...

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:36 pm
by Crazy Frog
Hubpages is one of the highest rated sites online for writers to post their work in... it also very user friendly for writers like me to post Photos that are locked in location next to the Description that pertains to each photo... Which is why I used Hub-pages to write and post that article to begin with.

I do not know why your work AV is having a problem with the site.. it is highly rated in all of the search engines and is kept free from malicious programming...

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:52 am
by Jippd
This article is written for those who already have some experience with the game... This map is one of the more complex maps and I am writing for the purpose of helping other players to understand how this map is played... where the bonuses are at... and where the choke points are.. etc.

If you are unfamiliar with Conquer club I would invite you at this point to come and check out the site... Conquer club is not directly affiliated with the game called RISK but is played the same way... Only on a much larger scale... There are currently 212 different maps available for play at the time I am writing this and more maps are being made as fast as creative minds can produce them.

You can sign in by clicking here:

You can always play for free... and if you decide you like the game, then yearly memberships are available at a reasonable rate and will allow the player to have more options... like for example being able to play in as many games as you want to play in... plus allot of other perks that "Free-mium" players do not get.

With so many maps... many of them completely unique and with all sorts of strange bonuses and rules; Everyone Has their favorite map... I on the other hand have several and this is map is one of them... I really enjoy a good game of Pearl... and there always seems to be a shortage of knowledgeable players.. hopefully this Hub may inspire some of you to come try it out... maybe stay awhile.

Continuing on: I am going to show you each important detail of the Pearl Harbor map with a picture by picture methodology... Explaining each part as we go along.
Pearl Harbor Planes
Source: ConquerClub
The planes

On every Map there are keys that help you to understand the game play.

On this map you can see an area called "Bonuses" in the bottom Left corner of the map.

The Red arrow points to The Vals, The green to the Kates and the silver to the Zeroes.

Planes in this game have great bonuses. For every two planes of the same squadron you posess... you get +3 for your deployment... or +4 for 4 planes of same type.

Planes can only attack along the line of their machine gun fire... They have only one target.

Planes are only vulnerable from two directions.

The first enemy of the plane is its own target. For example Z1 and Z2 are in combat with the Battleship Nevada... They can shoot the Nevada and also be shot at by the Nevada.

The Second enemy of the plane is the AA Gun emplacements...

AA Guns (Anti-Aircraft)
AA Gun emplacements are marked in Red

In Pear Harbor you will find the four AA Gun emplacements that I have marked in Red on the Map... if you look at the bottom of the photo you will also see some important information regarding the rules that govern the Play/usage of these positions.

NY AA for example can Only shoot at V-5 and V-6 (Vals 5,6)

Fis AA however can only shoot at Vals 3,4 and 5.

Notice that Vals 1 and 2 are out of range for all AA Guns, and can only be shot at from the ships they are engaged with.
Control of key points
Strategic use of Choke point to secure a bonus

In the photo aboveyou will notice that Red has control of both Z1 and Z2 planes and has formed his blockade at Nevada.

Explanation of why: Both of these planes are out of range of the AA guns and give the player a bonus of +3 on deployment. This can make or break a game. Since there is no need to keep a high number of troops on each plane to avoid losing the position to an AA gun attack, the only place these planes are vulnerable from is the Battleship Nevada. By positioning troops on this point and then reinforcing even more troops from the planes to the battle ship, the bonus is more secure and will help the player gain a stronger position in next rounds of the game... if the player keeps the lead they have gained in R-1... he or she may win this from a bit of luck and some application of good strategy in round one.
The Yacht Clubs
The Yacht Club

Each full set of ships is worth a great deal... The Battleship group for example is worth 8 for each round that you hold all ships in the group... But this is a difficult thing to do. With so many places that other players can attack you from... and all they have to do is get control of one boat... if they do that, they can take away your bonus for the next round. The same goes for having all of Ford island, Oil Storage area or the Naval Yard. Lose one teritory of the set and you have lost its bonus.
Bonus Legend

In the map below you will notice that the bonuses are clearly marked for each part of the map. In the yellow circle you will notice that I have circled the BATTLESHIPS which have a value of 8 if you control all of them for one whole round.
Reading the Legend
Real Estate
One way attacks and Impassable Barriers
Barriers and Movement limitations

In the Map above you will notice that there are two colors of circles: Yellow highlighting the one way attack arrows and Red denoting the barriers that must be circumvented in an attack.

Lets start by looking at the Yellow one way attack arrows. This means (for example) that the person on Control Tower can attack the California. But this also means that the California is NOT ABLE to attack the Control Tower.

What else does this mean? It also means that you are Restricted in Reinforcing troops... You can for example reinforce from the Control Tower to the California, But if you hold both positions and want to reinforce troops back to the Control Tower you will find that it is Not allowed due to the one way attack arrow.

This One way arrow also affects what is Visible and what Is Invisible in a Fog of War game. In Fog of War there is a vision barrier in place that prevents apponents from seeing positions they are not adjacent to. In this case the One way attack zone guarantees the element of surprise by keeping the defending units Blind to troop build ups.

Now lets look at the Red Barriers which limit your attacks and movements:

Look at the Naval Hospital for a moment and notice that it is adjacent to two spots: NY AA Gun and the Navy Yard. This is a military post and there are barriers in place to keep troops Protected. But these Barriers also limit movements. See the concertina wire barrier between the Hospital and the NY AA Gun? You cannot get to the AA gun directly from the hospital... you have to go around the Barrier.. that means you must go Through the Naval Yard before you can take the NY AA Gun. This of course affects both attacks and reinforcements. If you hold all three positions then of course you can move troops freely...
Choke Points
Choke Points

Choke Points are places in the game that have more strategic value than others... a strategic advantage to one player however can be loosing battle for another... Sometimes you want to control these points... but at other times you may want to avoid them... Like in a multi-player game when it is to your advantage that your appointment's fight each other instead of you.. Let them have the Choke points and fight over them while you sit idly by and amass an army.

Here is why: Lets say you are playing in a multi-player game and you currently hold the Arizona but you are the weaker player on the board. You have one opponent in the Destroyers and another in the Battleships and there you are in the middle... Get out from in between them and let them have at each other... Let them fight for control of the Arizona while you save your troops to use later in the game.
Your Invited!!!

I hope this article has been both informative and interesting for you to read... and if your not a Conquerclub player already then come sign in and try a few games... Its Free to play when you are just getting started.. they do limit the number of games you can play to Four games at a time when you are a free player but this is usually enough for a new person to try it and get the hang of it... Before deciding on whether or not you want a yearly membership... I have been a member now for 3 years or so... its quite enjoyable to make my moves over coffee in the morning before starting my day... and Since you normally have at least 24 hours between moves it works out fine for most people.

Of course if you have a fast connection and want to play a faster game there are other options available for LIVE PLAY and even a Chat area for calling out an opponent. If you like Strategy games you will Love ConquerClub...

See you in the Game

Crazy Frog

Re: Pearl Harbor Strategy

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:02 am
by 72o
Sounds like Lack got some free advertising.

Re: Pearl Harbor Strategy

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:59 am
by Crazy Frog
Thanks But....
The Photos of the board with all of the markings, arrows etc... did not come with your cut and paste... so although you can read it.. it does not tell you allot without being able to see the pictures that should be attached to it...

Re: Pearl Harbor Strategy

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:01 am
by Crazy Frog
72o wrote:Sounds like Lack got some free advertising.

I like this site... I do not mind giving it a free plug... But to be truthful... the article is mostly only viewed by people in here... like people from my clan that go to read it and get brought up to speed on that map.