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Re: Old feedback system

Postby rhp 1 on Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:06 pm

king achilles wrote:It's can all look nice as long as you are only getting positive feedbacks/ratings. It becomes different once you start getting negative ratings.

Let's say it's a 3 player game and we eventually both went after the same territory and attacked each other until it got us both weak, making the 3rd player go too strong and win. We had an argument in the game blaming each other of who was responsible for our loss.

You gave me a negative feedback with no comments.

I also gave you a negative feedback and add personal comments like:
"a total douche bag! Didn't know how to play! A complete waste of time!! DO NOT PLAY games with this kid! She is whiner and a loser! Put her on foe."

I also give a feedback to the winner saying:
"I could have won the game if it wasn't for the douche (insert name) who either didn't know how to play or had a secret alliance with a cheater. I reported them but nothing came out of it. I had better strategy but the dice made sure you win. Can't fight that with CC on your side."

You contact CC to get my feedback for you be removed as you feel you were not the instigator and were only defending yourself, etc.
I, obviously, do not think so. I also think that my feedback for you should stay as that is my opinion of you.
As I stated before from my previous post, I will also add that if ever these feedbacks get removed, I will demand all my negative feedbacks be deleted just the same.

so it's a simple clerical issue that is the problem here.. you don't like the e-tickets I'll speak for myself and say bring em back.... and please fellow CC'ers... give me all the negative feedbacks you can muster...
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