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Re: Assasin games with a round limit

Postby greenoaks on Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:50 pm

darth emperor wrote:
qwertylpc wrote:
Jippd wrote:
qwertylpc wrote:but just to consider what would you do if the winners target (strongest player) happened to be the second strongest player.

For your tournament would you really want to eliminate the second strongest player?

His question is posed with players of equal region count and equal troop count at the end of the game. So all of the players are equally "strong"

thats not what Im saying

Well, that's true. Maybe the round limit for assassin is skewed in the same sense as team games were. Maybe in assassin games, who should win is not the one with most troops, but the assassin of the player with less troops... :roll:

that is a great idea, the winner should be the player closest to winning. =D>
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