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whats wrong with this picture?

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Re: whats wrong with this picture?

Postby Gabriel13 on Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:33 pm

AslanTheKing wrote:
AslanTheKing wrote:
Gilligan wrote:Someone must have deadbeated, his partner got his cards, and you killed that guy?

someone deadbeated, his partner got the cards, and missed a turn, and u killed him ( after trading with 5 cards)
the 2 guys had combined 8 cards and u had 2 left after trading, makes it to 10 spoils

but what is wrong with the picture?

but hello, hold on just there,

lets say u play in a team game and know if u play - u will be killed next round anyway,
giving the spoils to the other team,

but if u deadbeat

your partner gets the spoils???

could somebody explain me that?

You can't deadbeat in 1 round, so you will be taken out by the other team either way.
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