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The High Command...Tops the charts...

Postby ConfederateSS on Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:16 am

----------WOW!...Great job High Command on The 75th ann.of PEARL HARBOR :!: =D> =D> =D>
------THE BSR always gives credit when The High Command does something great or helps out the site...----Yes,most of the time The Blue and Silver Rebellion makes fun of The H.C.'s blunders...But can tip a hat at something well done also...
------Back in 2014 Duk told me to lite up a cigar and watch some John Wayne movies...On the 70th ann. of D-Day...All I wanted was an event like the 70th ann.of Pearl Harbor...Well I would have done then. What I am doing now...Going all out on a KOOL EVENT...Over 300 games yeah!baby!!!!!...I don't care about points,ranks..Blah!Blah!...This event is something bigger than that...
ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU KINDLY HIGH COMMAND FOR A JOB WELL DONE...KEEP IT UP IN OTHER AREAS ON THE SITE...CONQUER CLUB SHALL RISE AGAIN... =D> =D> =D> =D> ... O:) ConfederateSS.out!(The Blue and Silver Rebellion)... O:) ...See you all on the battlefield...Watch out for low flying zeros... ;)
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