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Throne of Transylvania [idea] anyone want it?

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Throne of Transylvania [idea] anyone want it?

Postby koontz1973 on Tue May 01, 2012 5:28 am

Solkim sent me this run down of a map he wants made after looking at my Hungary map. Anyone want it as I have enough maps going on at the moment. The anniversary is next year so plenty of time.
Solkim wrote:A few ideas for the Transylvania map.

I think it could be a map played somewhat similar to the Crusades map, where one possible way to win is to hold certain cities plus two other territories (or something like that).

Throne of Transylvania

The central parts of Hungary are under Ottoman rule. The north is held by the Hapsburgs. In the east, the Transylvanian territories have been an independent principality since 1570, doing a balancing act "between the Turks and the Germans". It is 1613: Prince Bethlen emerges to usher in what will later become known as Transylvania's Golden Age. But first, he has to secure the throne...

I would consider the following things.

The neighbors. Each one offers some bonuses. Clockwise from the north, roughly: Kingdom of Poland (N), Principality of Moldova (or Moldavia) (NE+E), Principality of Muntenia (or Wallachia) (SE+S), Ottoman Empire (SW+W), Kingdom of Hungary (NW).

The Wikipedia map file is not bad.

Additionally, there could be Vienna (NW corner) and Istanbul (SE corner) on the map, which could be targeted from the capital of the principality and from any of the neighbors, except the Hajdú towns (representing diplomacy, rather than military conquest). But they should be tough to "conquer", either starting with a large neutral force, or a loss of -1 occupying troop each round... etc.

Within Transylvania there should first and foremost be a territorial division (counties, etc.). In addition, the Saxon and the Sekler territories should be on the map. Several major towns/forts should be set as separate regions.

The Hajdú towns in the W/NW should be one region (perhaps placed at the point where the Ottoman Empire, the Kingdom of Hungary and Transylvania borders meet).

Victory conditions could set as holding all of the following for one round:
1. the capital, Gyulafehérvár, plus
2. Kolozsvár, plus
3. either Vienna or Istanbul, plus
4. either Hermannstadt or Székelyudvarhely

Wallachia would offer +1, but +2 if Istanbul is also held.
Moldova would offer +1, but +2 if Poland is also held

Ottoman Empire would offer +2
Kingdom of Hungary +2
Kingdom of Poland +2
Hajdú towns +1

Two Saxon towns +1
Two Sekler seats +1
Three counties +2
Three major towns +2

Istanbul +3
Vienna +3

... and that's all I could think of.
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