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Reconquest of Constantinople

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Reconquest of Constantinople

Postby geegel on Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:36 am

Map Name: Reconquest of Constantinople
Mapmaker(s): None yet
Number of Territories: -28
Republic of Venice (8) : Durazzo, Corfu, Cephallonia, Corone, Crete, Rhodos, Negroponte, Lemnos (NW of Negroponte)
Latin Empire (9): Achaia, Athens, Duchy of Archipelago, Larissa (E Thessalonica), Thessalonica (W Thessalonica), Adrianople, Constantinople, Troas (peninsula in the NW of Asia Minor), Nicomedia - could be split in 2
Empire of Nicaea (5): Smyrna, Bursa, Nicaea, Parthenios (just East of Nicaea), Trebizond
Despotate of Epirus (3): Apollonia (North), Parthos (Central), Nikopolis (South)
Kingdom of Bulgaria (4): Sardica (extreme W), Philippopolis (central W), Hiambouli (central E), Burgas (extreme E)
Special Features:
- the Seljuk Sultanates, Cilicia and Cyprus are not active (no provinces in them)
- Durazzo and Corone can only be attacked by sea routes, but they can one way attack Apollonia, respectively Achaia
- several sea routes should be developed (waiting for feedback here)
- Constantinople always starts neutral with 7 troops
- holding Constantinople gives a +3 autodeploy bonus
- [possible] - conquering and holding the Latin Empire could be a victory condition.
- nothing is set in stone, your feedback is very important
What Makes This Map Worthy of Being Made: It covers a fascinating time in history: the reconquest of Constantinople by the Empire of Nicaea, under Michael VIII Palaiologos in 1261 and the restoration of the Byzantine Empire.

Map Image:
Click image to enlarge.

The image is available under a GNU Free Documentation License

Note: the name of the provinces are from that era whenever possible, if not possible i went with the ancient Roman/Greek names or finally the modern name.

What do you guys think?
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