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I would love some help on this.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:28 am
by Gift Box?
Thank you everyone for the input you have given me. This week is a wash for me but next week I will post some new stuff and please keep giving me input my people.

The map is called: "Siebenb├╝rgen" which means "seven fortresses"; the concept will accommodate 50ish spaces to hold...maybe more.

I won't bother to mention there are a few fortresses; additionally as it is the year 1475 there will also be numerous castles, fortified towns, cities, natural and unnatural formations. Based on the 7 fortified towns that made up Siebenb├╝rgen, a beautiful and historical map can be produced that would lend itself to one-on-one games or larger team competitions. Lots of opportunities in the game for bonus troops as holding mountain passes, bridges, forts, towns, towers, castles, and countries will add to your armies.
I have generated a layered map proposal if any map makers would like to help me round this out. Lots of great art to go with it (shield crests, unique buildings, heralds,etc); a beautiful map that people would love to play. If you have even think you may have some interest talk to me about it. If you just want to drop a line saying "this sucks" I'm down with that too...but what I really want to hear from is what I need. I need computer support from someone who wants to help me build something beautiful that people can kill in. So, in short:

"It is 1476. Vlad Dracula and Prince Stephen Bathory
of Transylvania invade Wallachia to retake the throne
as Basarab the Old flees the throne. An army of Turks
soon enter Wallachia. As both the Holy Roman and the
Ottoman Empires seek control, there will be many
roads to the throne. Your path shall be bathed in blood."

I'm in if you are. Thank you for your time and consideration,
Gift Box?

Re: I would love some help on this.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:41 am
by riskllama
gl to you, GB?