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Re: "Rematch" Button

Postby joriki on Tue Sep 17, 2013 2:54 am

There appears to be a bug regarding rematch attempts with foes. I pressed the Rematch button in Game 13317860, producing Game 13352390, and clicked "Yes" to send invites. I got the message
Invitation status for Game 13352390
joriki is a player's foe

but the game appeared with both slots in team 2 reserved for our opponents and the second slot in team 1 (which was supposed to be reserved for my teammate) empty. That doesn't make any sense, since if one of the players foed me, it certainly wasn't my teammate :-). I then tried to invite my teammate to the empty slot in team 1 and got the message

Ika Pakao is a player's foe
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