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CC Dispatch [Issue 103: 9-16-2013] Return of SOS Africa

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CC Dispatch [Issue 103: 9-16-2013] Return of SOS Africa

Postby Swifte on Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:33 pm

I'm pleased to report that the latest issue of our beloved Dispatch is on time and ready for your consumption! Dukasaur has been gracious enough to give me the opportunity to play Dispatch Executive this issue, so I can assure you that the amount of talk about Live Chat events and clans will return to a 'normal' level next issues!

With the new administration kicking things in to high gear around here, you'll want to get up to speed in the late-breaking news section of the 103rd Issue of the Dispatch.

This issue also includes updates in all of our regular sections:

The first regular section is Mess Hall, which has a neat feature on turns in a game by StubbsKVM and the Dispatch's own Dukasaur as well as the Scum Insider and a look at all the events going on with SOS Africa. The planned interview of Qwert will be published in a future edition.

The Platoon Report covers all aspects of the Clan scene, including an exclusive look at the entries in the Clan Icon contest.

War Games reaches a milestone in the Meet the Tournament... interview series, and is offering a contest with multiple General Achievement Medals available, in addition to their great regular features on the Tournament world.

Cartographic Surveillance includes a report on the current maps in development, and a close look at the Phantasia Altitudinis map.

Finally, our Next Mission Brief includes such things as the closing credits and information on how to subscribe.


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