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Re: Free Premium & Game Invitations

Postby lackattack on Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:46 am

Kotaro wrote:Any chance we can get an auto-join game on the PM's we get for the invites?

Done, now you can join directly from the PM :)
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Re: Free Premium & Game Invitations

Postby JudeK on Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:06 pm

Dear Mods / Webmaster,

On 16Sep09, I signed up to your offer with TrialPay, and Jamster specifically.
I understood two factors, as laid out by your terms and conditions:
1) That this was a non-contributory offer (i.e.: that I would give my personal details and phone number, in lieu of payment), and that therefore costs would be nil.
2) That I would then receive premium membership.

Within a few minutes of signing up I received a number of messages from Jamster, essentially inviting me, displaying offers, and a final text informing me that I had been charged 6 dollars on my phone bill for the privilege of joining Jamster (and my phone credit balance was duly deducted that amount, again within 10-15 minutes of me filling in the TrialPay details on CC). At no point did I reply to any of the offers/ texts (I am aware that replies for pay-to-play mobile phone offers often are used as proof of the "purchaser" agreeing to terms and conditions, and therefore liable for payment).

It is now the 1st of October, and I have logged a ticket 539504 to that effect.

I have had no replies, except to say that this is being handled.
I have yet to see my premium membership.

I'm not really upset about the 6 bucks. It's not very much money at all. But the inaction over 15 days on your part; the fact that a free service has been turned out to be otherwise (and therefore entirely misleading), and the final straw that I still have not gotten my premium membership, does rankle somewhat.

Please could this be looked into forthwith.

To add insult to injury, Jamster keep sending me texts, to the effect that I am subscribed and will keep having monies debited until I unsubscribe (which I have now done, I did wait for you, but two weeks is overlong).

I've tried calling Jamster to explain, but just keep getting automated messages. It is highly frustrating, and does not reflect well on you at all.

I don't want to create a fuss or a scene, but I have my principles, and I am not feeling very positive about this.

I think this is a great site, and perhaps this is out of your hands in your " partners' ", but seriously.
Please sort this out.

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