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Re: Something is Coming...

Postby psychobkrazy on Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:50 am

Johnny Rockets wrote:"Beautiful doom
Bang! Pow! Boom!
Beautiful doom
Bang! Pow! Boom!

Everybody dies, gargoyle skies
Main attraction is your own treachery and lies
Carnival arise, facing your demise
Cuz the acid rain came with a Boom! Pow! Bang!
And the purpose of the circus is definitely clear
Get you in the mirror cuz soon you'll be here
Sweat with the boom, don't forget to assume
Time catches up with some beautiful doom

And hey, it's not comming, it's already here!
17.99 at Best Buy!

Johnny Rockets

Closet Juggy.

Nice! :D

Down with the clown til I'm dead in the ground. :D
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