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Paint.NET Plugin Guide

Postby natty dread on Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:52 pm

Not many people here use Paint.NET, so this thread may be totally unnecessary at the moment. However, in case some new mapmakers want to start using, or some old ones want to switch to using it for some reason, here's a guide on how to get the most out of Paint.NET.

Paint.NET on it's own is a pretty basic paint software, in fact it's kinda just a spiced up MS Paint... but once you install all the right plugins there's nothing you can do with GIMP or PS that you can't do with Paint.NET.

So here are the plugins, with links, that I have found most useful:

Advanced Color Replacement - better than the inbuilt recolor tool. Doesn't leave nasty rubble behind. ... 16&t=28510

Asmageddon tools - various colour & channel effects ... 16&t=21216

Boltbait's plugin pack - contains various very useful effects: selection bevel, outline & feather, horizontal/vertical flip, an improved gaussian blur, with an option to blur only certain channels, and with various blend modes. ... 16&t=22819

Drop shadow - need I say more. ... 16&t=22881

(this topic will be updated later on)

ps. anyone else who uses, feel free to post your own favorite plugins.
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