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[GO] Change Flat Rate Name to Fixed Rates ( Spoils )

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Re: Change Flat Rate Name to Fixed Rates

Postby agentcom on Thu May 09, 2013 10:16 pm

Fazeem wrote:
blakebowling wrote:I'm going to go ahead and Reject this as it adds nothing to gameplay or the site overall.

so none of yall are going to merge it with the multiple other threads on the subject? The gameplay it changes are a game where there is a true Flat Rate and a game where the Fixed rates that are currently called Flat Rate is still present? My SUggestion was a way to implement something that has been on the sites to do list since 2006(As referenced in the other thread in suggestions) and not lose a feature people like while adding another.

Post the links to them and we'll get to them when we can. There's not too much reason for us to do a bunch of digging on an idea that seems to be supported only by you and the people in these as yet un-cited threads.

Also, finding these threads means that you really should have posted in them rather than creating a new thread that has to be merged and creates more work for us.
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