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Postby reverend_kyle on Thu Dec 21, 2006 4:20 pm

happysadfun wrote:
jay_a2j wrote:I think I might write a book.... Why Daddy Is A Republican.

Page 1.... Because Daddy isn't lazy, just like Republicans!

Page 2.... Because Daddy believes in WORKING for a living, just like Republicans!

page 3 ... Because Daddy believes social programs cost too much and most are not needed, just like Republicans!

page 4.... Because Daddy believes self-pride is more important than gay pride, just like the Republicans!

Feel free to add on some other ideas for the book. And what animal should be used? Maybe a Lion and his cubs?

Daddy makes sure our homes are safe, just like the Republicans.


Because daddy kills those who disagree with him, for no apparent reason other than that..JUST LIKE REPUBLICANS


Because daddy kills thousands of his own people just to settle a personal vendetta, just like republicans.
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Postby cowshrptrn on Thu Dec 21, 2006 4:46 pm

Wait, so beacuse an author writes a democratically leaning book, ALL democrats are trying to brainwash children, yeah that makes perfect sense :roll:

I odnt' agree with parents pushing any political belief on their kids, i don't care if they decide to join the Nazi party when they turn 12, so long as they look into it and decide for themselves, i'd rather them experience free thought rather than have spoonfed politics.

Also, some of the things you guys were saying about a republican kids book equate to:

I dont' give a shit that you're school is complete crap and that most countries that can afford to have decent public school systems run circles around you in academic subjects, at least you have a rifle so they can't brainwash you with their science and facts that are backed up by hard evidence instead of bilical references!
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