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Ok... what does the word racist mean these days?

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Postby Lionz on Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:01 pm

What does the word Jew really mean? A descendant of Judah? There are plenty of descendants of Judah who do not consider themselves to be part of Judaism in a religious sense maybe. Also, quite a number of Khazars converted to Judaism back in the day during crusade times in an attempt to avoid conflict with crusaders and Muslims possibly. Although, who is not a descendant of Judah at this point in time if Noah and Abraham were alive on earth at the same time and the flood did not even occur until Noah was 600 or so? Is there an uncircumcised man who would circumcise a son of his? You might be able to find some, but could you find one a couple hundred years ago? And how many circumcised people who do not consider themselves to be Jews are there on earth?
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