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Gay Marriage --- The Opposition, Please Clarify

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Re: Gay Marriage --- The Opposition, Please Clarify

Postby stahrgazer on Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:57 pm

tzor wrote:
stahrgazer wrote:It was quite common to have "bidding wars" to arrange marriages. A father would normally be considered to have a voting stock, but if he was titled, he often had upper noblemen who also got to "vote" and sometimes that vote went up to the King, the "CEO" as it were, whose vote often counted most. Sometimes that vote went by proxy to the nobleman down the line, and sometimes the stock wasn't traded (the woman wasn't permitted to marry but was kept unwed, with any monies from properties she would otherwise have brought to the man she was traded to, going to the person in charge of her.)

Yes but marriage arrangement is the formation of the corporation. It doesn't involve the operation of the corporation once the corporation has already been formed. Once married the man was CEO and that was that. You didn't have others tell the CEO what he was to do with his wife; "a man's home is his castle." (Or his children for that matter.)

Read up on the rights of medieval Kings and you might rethink your statements that others didn't get to tell the CEO what to do with his wife.
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