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Gaza-Israel Ceasefire: Prison Conditions on Gaza Lifted

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Postby Pirlo on Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:45 pm

patches70 wrote:
pirlo wrote: I'd like to see your reaction if I stole 10 bucks from your own wallet.

I'd figure you needed it more than I did if you were to feel you were forced to go to such lengths. But I tell ya what, I won't let you get near my wallet ever again! I might even have to kick the snot out of you if you try again.

Nice of you.. Gotta find few thousands of people like this to steal 10s from them to hopefully raise a decent fund for Sandy victims :D

patches70 wrote:
pirlo wrote:"Jews" (as you put it) are mainly viewed there in mid-east as comers/invaders

What? You mean they are viewed as something less than human, just merely alien invaders?

I think I'm starting to see the problem here....

Did I say that? I blame your understanding skill! I said from Europe, which means foreigners, not from another planet. Anyway, look how a lot of people are whining about illegal immigrants in your country although those immigrants didn't even try to take over the country!

Just to clarify, this is not my own opinion or view. Just sharing how people could think and see things!
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Re: Gaza-Israel Ceasefire: Prison Conditions on Gaza Lifted

Postby bedub1 on Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:00 pm

Colonel bedub1
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