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Re: Eliminate ALL Federal Taxes

Postby stahrgazer on Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:52 pm

bedub1 wrote:Taxes don't apply to everybody equally. Some people create loopholes to get around them. Some just cheat on their taxes. I think it's time to end all federal taxes. I think the federal government should get it's money by printing it. This will probably cause small amounts of inflation, but it will effect all money equally. It doesn't matter what loopholes you try to make, you can't get around them. It doesn't matter if you aren't an American, you have our money, you will also experience inflation.


I'm thinking that we should do to China what Mexico did to us when Mexico owed us money: "Sorry, we're broke, we can't pay." I'm just not sure China would say what we did, "Okay, your debt slate is now clean, by the way, here's some more money you won't be able to repay; and to top it off, we'll send you a few dozen factories that were clogging up our cities."

Then we wouldn't have to worry quite as much about taxes.
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Re: Eliminate ALL Federal Taxes

Postby TA1LGUNN3R on Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:11 pm

stahrgazer wrote:
TA1LGUNN3R wrote:
Phatscotty wrote:Image

I can assure you, Phat ol' buddy, that Mr. Heinlein would not approve of you quoting him.


Have to disagree here; Heinlein was pretty anti-big-bro.

My point exactly. Phatscotty likes to bumble on about big gov't, but he proves himself a typical right-winger every time the issues come up where you actually have to stand beside your claims. Phatcotty is the biggest fraud here in the CC forums.

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Re: Eliminate ALL Federal Taxes

Postby GabonX on Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:33 pm

thegreekdog wrote:
GabonX wrote:
thegreekdog wrote:
GabonX wrote:Interestingly enough, considering how he's built his empire one could make a strong argument that increasing taxes on the wealthy would actually increase Buffet's wealth as much of the taxes levied would likely come back to Berkshire companies in the form of government contracts.

Buffet is a sharp guy.

I read yesterday that one of the Berkshire Hathaway folks poured $20 million into a tax increase proposal that went directly on the California ballott.

He probably looks at it as an investment, and it may prove to be a good one for him!

It was a she, and yes that's correct.

But quick, before that happens...

Washington Post to pay dividend early

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Washington Post Co. will pay its 2013 dividends before the end of this year to try to spare investors from anticipated tax increases.

The media and education company said Friday that its dividend of $9.80 per share is payable Dec. 27 to shareholders of record as of Dec. 17. The payout is instead of regular quarterly dividends next year.

Washington Post is the latest company to move up its quarterly payout or issue a special end-of-year payment to protect investors from potentially having to pay higher taxes on dividend income starting in January.

Since 2003 investors have paid a maximum 15 percent on dividend income. But that historically low rate will expire in January unless Congress and President Barack Obama reach a compromise on taxes and government spending. As it stands, dividends will be taxed as ordinary income in 2013, the same as wages, so rates will go up depending on which income bracket a taxpayer is in. For the highest earners, the dividend rate would jump to 43.4 percent.

The Washington Post's dividend payment also stands to benefit those with a significant stake in the company, such as Warren Buffett's firm Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire is its largest shareholder with an estimated 1.7 million shares, which means it could get a roughly $17 million dividend payment. ... 7-16-53-14

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