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Objective/Subjective: A False Divide?

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Re: Objective/Subjective: A False Divide?

Postby crispybits on Fri Mar 22, 2013 11:34 am

Sorry, I should have been clearer

Actual reality = Philosophically objective reality (as in reality as it is without any preconceptions or assumptions from us about what actually is, such as "I exist" or "I perceive reality")

The point I'm making is that actual reality could be a computer program, a magical illusion, or a multidimensional existent universe of the kind we perceive around us. But the question itself is irrelevant, and linking our understanding of scientific reality to any of those is redundant because of the assumptions science already has to make to function, and because of the lack of any proven mechanism whereby it's ever functionally different whatever version you prefer to believe.
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