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Re: The Bush Dynasty

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2013 4:40 pm
by saxitoxin
Bush and Nazis

This is a ridiculous tabloid claim of the type that Alex Jones is famous for ... several degrees of separation and selective a la carte cafeteria-style history are connected together through inference to create a lunatic conspiracy theory.

It's a fact George Bush's grandfather was a partner in an investment bank. It's a fact one of the hundreds of clients at that bank at which he was a partner was the personal account of a German national who had, at one time, given money to the Nazi party ... and it's a fact said client (of which we have no evidence Prescott Bush was even aware) was subsequently expelled from the Nazi party for publicly opposing the German invasion of Poland, had to flee the country, was captured and sent to a concentration camp.

Through obfuscation of details and selective recollection, this has been reimagined by the Luke Rudkowski-Alex Jones-Abbey Martin-Lyndon LaRouch insanity machine to "Bush bankrolled the Nazi war effort." When you have 20 hours of live radio per week to fill with conspiracy theories, and a rapt audience, you do what it takes to avoid dead air.

oVo wrote:The Carlyle Group

This is a far more legitimate and interesting point of inquiry into Bush family finances.

thegreekdog wrote:Some of you people need to look up President Obama's major campaign donors and the prior jobs of various of his regulatory leaders and cabinet members.

You don't know what you're talking about. All of Obama's campaign donors have the appearance of honest, reputable, salt-of-the-earth people. Have you seen a more trustworthy looking fellow than this guy? I DIDN'T THINK SO.


Re: The Bush Dynasty

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2013 4:57 pm
by _sabotage_
Who owned the bank?

Re: The Bush Dynasty

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:12 pm
by saxitoxin
_sabotage_ wrote:Who owned the bank?

Cui Buono?

IIRC it was a partnership involving more than two dozen people including Averell Harriman (John Kennedy's Asst. Secretary of State) and Harry Truman's Secretary of Defense Bob (?) Lovett. And, of their hundreds of accounts - none of which there's any evidence they had biographical dossiers on anymore than your bank has a biographical dossier on you - one of them was a person who was expelled from the Nazi Party for denouncing Hitler, arrested by the Gestapo, and detained at Dachau prior to the U.S. entering the war.

To Jones Drones that translates to "Prescott Bush bankrolled the Nazi war effort."