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Re: Question to creationists

Postby Symmetry on Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:52 pm

DoomYoshi wrote:
Symmetry wrote:On Earth alone we've been finding different species of life for a long time. Is the issue with the word "species" in terms of taxonomy?

Yes. The Bible speaks of "kinds" and creationists are loathe to define "kinds" in taxonomic terms. Taxonomy itself is semi-ridiculous. There is no good definition for "species" so it really isn't saying much. In reality, a true cladistic would feature every organism on its own branch. The existence of species doesn't really fit into an evolutionary argument and creates a logical disconnect which creationists are willing to exploit.

I think taxonomy is best thought of as a tool. I wouldn't say it's ridiculous (or even semi-ridiculous). It's more like a library system of life. It's helpful, but you should never think that it's not artificial, nor perfect.
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