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Postby NomadPatriot on Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:12 pm

recently, jokes have been deemed racist here on Conquer Club if a person in the joke just par chance is a Person Of Color..
this notion of " you cannot even joke about POC's or else it's racist" is a new concept being introduced into the world..
you may think a better joke to tell would be
joke: why did Charlie Rooster cross the road? -- to get to the other side

( haha ha ha haaha :) )

see simple funny jokes are ok to tell.. right?
.. but what you didn't know is even that joke would be deemed Racist because even though you were not aware.. Charlie Rooster is actually Black.. the joke had nothing to do with him being black.. but he is .. so it would be deemed racist by the Comedy-impaired..

as a community.. we must eradicate all forms of comedy in order to eliminate any notion of humor being expressed so not 1 single person's emotions get the better of them... because 1 person's emotional state is something that should control the majority's actions.

easy rule of thumb to apply to your online activities would be " Everything is Racist.. "...

below is a short video showing various situations you may encounter in life that would also be deemed Racist.. so you can avoid intruding upon other peoples Spaces of Safety.

Nomad = A Better Tomorrow

Enjoy The Show...

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